The XXL coat


How do you wear the new XXL coat? The cut and feel is almost ready to wear couture and actually what might seem to be impractical at first comes in handy once you have found your favorite one. Length can be over the knee if you are not too petite. Otherwise  go for a length above the knee but more important is the width and texture. Unstructured shoulders, a super print or a very soft flow make this kind of coat a perfect addition to your mid-season wardrobe. Colour matters and we love the pale baby pink shade of Christian Wijnant’s Pre-Fall collection coat especially when worn with matching pants and shirts.

It seems like you want to cover all up, but the truth is that only a straight posture allows this kind of coat, so even when you are small wear this coat as if walking on your highest heels but your favorite sneakers will do as long as you walk straight.