The Vintner’s daughter and her botanical elixir

The Vintner’s Daughter minimalistic routine- two products (Active Botanical Serum and Active Treatment Essence) filled with a never-ending list of natural active ingredients is the way to go in skincare now.
We spoke to April Gargiulo, the founder of The Vintner’s Daughter.


She must have heard that Galileo quote: “wine is sunlight, held together by water.“, because her products feel like the craftsmanship of a vintner applied to all sorts of active botanical ingredients to bundle up in these incredible elixirs.


IRMA: The heavenly smell of your products… ever thought about making a body oil or a scented candle or fragrance. I would love to make my whole house smell like that.
APRIL GARGIULO: Gratefully, we hear this very often. Would you believe that scent was not anything we thought about during formulation? We were only thinking about performance and how the formula communicated with the skin. The scent is 100% informed by the activity of the botanicals.


IRMA: What question is always missing in interviews? And would you like to answer that one for me?
APRIL GARGIULO: How about – What are you using your platform for beyond skin? We want to not only impact your skin in the most beneficial ways, but we also want to impact the world in positive ways as well. Since we launched, we have infused social and environmental change into every aspect of our operation — from sourcing and packaging, to distribution, voluntary certifications and charitable contributions. This may cost more of our time and resources, but we believe it’s the right way to do business. While we are proud of our progress, we are still a work in progress and are grateful for our amazing community’s conscious choice that allows us to continue this important work.

IRMA: What was the biggest Covid-19 challenge for you? How did you master it?
APRIL GARGIULO: The biggest challenge for me is the uncertainty of it all. It is very hard to plan for. Everything is shifting all the time, so you are constantly recalibrating which is tiring and stressful for everyone. I have not come close to mastering it, but work every day to have moments of gratitude, self-care, reflection and giving which helps me feel more in balance.


IRMA: You are supporting women with every sale of your products. Tell us more about it.
APRIL GARGIULO: We believe it is our duty to give back—because gratitude means acknowledging all that has been given and joyfully giving in return. From day one of Vintner’s Daughter, and every day since, we have donated 2% of every purchase to charitable organizations dedicated to protecting, educating, and empowering women and children around the world. This commitment comes from a place of deep respect for our intrinsic connection and responsibility to one another. Each year we select more than ten charities making an impact and donate funds to help support the incredible work they do. As we grow, so do the amounts we are able to give, and for this we are deeply grateful.


IRMA: What would you like your daughters to say, when asked how they see their mother?
APRIL GARGIULO: I want my daughters to feel a deep connection to our beautiful earth and her people. I hope they see that in me and can have an even deeper understanding of it for themselves in whatever way that looks for them.


IRMA: A crystal ball can show you the future or the truth about yourself- which one do you choose? And why?
APRIL GARGIULO: Truth; because as hard as it is to face sometimes, it is what allows for more expansive growth in your heart and mind.


IRMA: One of my best friends is married to a vintner, she says there are a lot of challenging lifestyle changes for her now. What was different for you as a child who’s father was a vintner compared to other kids?
APRIL GARGIULO: As a kid, the challenge was having a Father that was a farmer more than a vintner. My Father would never allow processed or pre-made food into the house. If it wasn’t fresh and in season, I wasn’t eating it. I used to beg for food in cans like all my friends had at their house which my Dad refused. Now I see it as a huge luxury to have had access to all of that beautiful food and nutrition. This same philosophy permeates Vintner’s Daughter. We begin with the most nutrient-dense whole plants and would never use synthetic or processed versions of the real thing. That is why it takes over three weeks to make every bottle of Active Botanical Serum and 5 weeks to make Active Treatment Essence. I often compare what Vintner’s Daughter does for the skin to what a beautifully prepared plate of locally grown, in-season food does for the body. It makes the body stronger, more resilient and healthier. There is no comparison between that healthy plate of food and processed food that has been cooked up in a lab full of synthetic and cheap ingredients. One is far better for our bodies and the planet.

April Gargiulo is the Founder and CEO of Vintner’s Daughter, a luxury skincare company committed to performance-driven quality-focused, non-toxic skincare. She launched her first product, Active Botanical Serum in February 2012 bucking industry standards by using whole organic plants and methodical formulation methods versus low-quality fillers and formulation short cuts. Vintner’s Daughter quickly became a benchmark for quality and performance in the beauty world and is coveted by top beauty connoisseurs and industry professionals around the world. Before starting Vintner’s Daughter, April spent 8 years at the helm of her family’s Napa Valley winery, Gargiulo Vineyards. There, she helped build the winery’s reputation for terroir-driven, “first growth” Cabernet Sauvignon. Before Napa, April spent 6 years in Manhattan where she worked for design leader Vitra. Through Vintner’s Daughter April commits 2% of every bottle sold to charities benefiting women and children worldwide. She is married to fellow entrepreneur, Mitch Lowe (also her Chairman) and has two young daughters.