The new going-out essentials

This week restaurants in Germany are allowed to open their outdoor spaces and in Munich that means: let’s go to the Biergarten!
It might be difficult for the restaurateur to get all the regulations under control and for guests it will be definitely a new experience. Let’s see what happens, but for sure it is helpful to come well prepared to your first post #stayathome restaurant visit.

Wood tray by schönbuch x IRMA, Coffee-to-Go cup and face mask with Maison Pierre Frey fabric by irmasworld

Bring your own Coffee-to-Go mug {works for beer very well, too) and a face mask.
These new Must-Haves go perfectly well with the new Birkin Bag, Cargo Toile in a desert color. This bag was designed to hold your coffee-to-go in an elegant way when walking down L’Avenue Montaigne. But now it has an even more purposeful task. It is almost like a chic safety bag with different compartments for all you need when going out.

Hermès Birkin Bag, Cargo Toile, sunglasses by Marni, Coffee-to-Go mug by


All available Coffee-to-Go Mugs in our shop

Travel Poster” Coffee mugs by IRMA.



IRMA Coffee-to-Go mugs 


Face Mask No.8 and Coffee-to-Go

The new drop of handmade, artisanal face masks with fabric by Hermès and Maison Pierre Frey, are available here