The more the merrier

The new High Jewellery area in the Bucherer flagship store is all about immersing oneself in a world of bespoke dreams and unique pieces of jewellery, where the customer can be part of the creative process, as well as having access to the most precious stones for which Bucherer High Jewellery is so well known.

Since its foundation in 1888, Bucherer has had a deep fascination with diamonds and coloured gemstones. Over the decades, Bucherer has earned a reputation as a master of the jewellery craft by creating exceptional and distinctive pieces. Following the launch of the first High Jewellery collection and the opening of the first High Jewellery boutique in Frankfurt am Main in 2022, Bucherer is now underlining its strong commitment and expertise in the field of luxury jewellery with the opening of the High Jewellery Salon in Zurich.

The architects of the High Jewellery Salon at Bahnhofstrasse 50 aimed to create an atmosphere of relaxed luxury. They converted the third floor into a 90m2 retail space, cleverly divided into three sections to create a contemporary loft-like experience. Customers can explore the jewellery in a well-lit, daylight-flooded table area and a cosy lounge. Large windows offer views of the city and the bustling Bahnhofstrasse, while high-quality materials such as marble and wood add a touch of elegant exclusivity. A muted colour palette and thoughtful décor keep the focus on the jewellery.

We met the manager of the high jewellery salon, Pouriya Khodaparast, at the Bucherer store on Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse and talked about all the possibilities.


IRMA: What can clients expect from the High Jewellery Salon at Bucherer?
BUCHERER: Not only can they select from exklusive HJ pieces and loose gemstones. Bucherer is known for it’s fine selection of Precious gemstones which can be worked into bespoke designs. Bucherer is known for its fine selection of precious stones, which are only available in the High Jewellery department.

Jasmin Khezri from IRMASWORLD at the High Jewellery salon at the Bucherer flagship store in Zurich

IRMA: How would I imagine the process of creating my own piece of jewellery at Bucherer?
BUCHERER: First you select the stone with the expertise of our gemmologist, then our design team sketch out your ideas. Once you have decided, a model is made for you, which is pretty much what you can expect. The mock-up is made from a material that is not yet final, but has a similar weight. This allows you to feel the piece. For example, if a ring is too big, a pair of earrings is too heavy or a bracelet is too loose.

IRMA: What about redesigning what you already have?
BUCHERER: Yes, this is another popular option we offer. We have clients who inherit jewellery and want to change it. We advise them on how to do it. Sometimes we encourage them to leave it as it is.

Jasmin Khezri wearing Pastello Confetti Earrings from Bucherer High Jewellery.


Pastello Confetti Set Earrings Bucherer High Jewellery. Photo courtesy of Bucherer AG

IRMA: Can you tell me one of the most common requests you get asked regarding High Jewellery?
BUCHERER: Often clients want to match the jewels with a dress for a special occasion. Cocktail rings are a very popular item for colour matching.
This is possible from CHF 100,000 and our department will find the right coloured gemstones to go with your ball gown.


IRMA: … and the most unusual thing that happened?
BUCHERER: Of course, the High Jewellery department also invites its clients to be entertainedWe curate special events within our elegant spaces, including champagne tastings featuring renowned champagne houses. These occasions offer wonderful opportunities to connect, engage in conversations about exquisite jewellery, and even have the pleasure of trying it on. Our commitment to fostering a vibrant and interactive environment ensures that our customers have a memorable and enriching visit.

Jasmin Khezri from IRMASWORLD with the head of the High Jewellery Department at the Bucherer flagship store in Zurich


Details at the High Jewellery salon at the Bucherer flagship store in Zurich


Pastello Confetti Collier, Bucherer High Jewellery. Photo courtesy of Bucherer AG