The Met Gala, a true costume party?

When everyone talks about the best dressed list, I always wonder how some outfits make it on that list.  After looking at the dress code of the Met Gala red carpet live picture gallery, we are really curious to know what Rei Kawakubo must have thought.

How to dress for a Gala? It should never resemble a costume party, or is it a costume ball rather than the crème of fashion gala?

Of course, fashion should entertain and if you saw too many good looks on beautiful women you might become really sad or just bored, so the stylist must have decided to make everyone have a good laugh, and we had.

Nonetheless, we really want to point out the winner of the night, the stunning Lily-Rose Depp in her fuchsia Chanel gown. It was simply the most elegant dress, flattering her petite figure and everything matched perfectly. The colour of her hair with the fuchsia of the dress, her cat eye make-up with the fragile signature Chanel camelia embracing her bust and shoulder.

Once again this look is proof that simplicity by colour and silhouette is key to any perfect look and bright pink is the colour we want.

Magda Butrym
Oscar de la Renta