The Lanserhof Tegernsee, a retreat

If you are searching for a reset button in your body and mind and you haven’t triggered the point, yet you should visit the Lanserhof Tegernsee, one of the most modern and comprehensive health resorts in Europe.
The minute you enter the wooden door into the hallway overlooking the Japanese inspired courtyard garden, designed by Garden landscape artist Enzo Enea you feel all good. The impression of registering in a monastery of dreams might strike your mind and will be fulfilled when you enter your suite, which smallest size is still 50sqm, a floor to ceiling glass front window overlooking the beautiful landscape of Lake Tegernsee and in my case the steamed 35 degree hot thermal water pool and the Bathhouse.

The Lanserhof Tegernsee is built by Ingenhoven architects on top of a hill near lake Tegernsee.

A team of specialists , from leading medical doctors, to personal trainers, osteopaths and dietitians, not to forget the chef and its cooking crew, create the essence and popularity of Lanserhof. It is about health, longevity and overall well-being.
While you are there for a fasting treatment after F.X. Mayr you will daily see your doctor, who works out a bespoke plan for your stay. You can have your blood checked, or even intestinal mirroring examinations. But the key is in my opinion to leave that to your doctors at home and rather benefit from this sensual, holistic, yet high-tech equipped health retreat.

First thing in the morning, a swim in the heated saltwater outdoor pool, followed by a Hamam and a rest in front of the Bathhouse fireplace.

By that I do not only mean the fasting but more the taking care of. The minute you enter the Lanserhof the friendly and well knowledgeable staff accompanies you through the procedures.

The architecture by Ingenhoven architects underlines exactly the simplicity and pureness of the Lanserhof concept. You will find a rather minimalist design, which at the same time embraces you with warmth and leaves enough space and depth for your mind to wander.

Although the 70 bedrooms are mostly occupied this place feels never crowded, even not when everyone gathers for breakfast, lunch or dinner in the dining room or after around the open fireplace for hot herbal teas.

Whether you are fasting on level one (only tea and soup ) or are allowed to have a beautiful and delicious lunch, the simplest food is made only with organic ingredients, mostly locally grown. Some are lucky and have the pleasure of level 3.2 where you are actually indulged by a healthy menu for all meals, including also a healthy delicious desert, without sugar but tasty.

Although the architecture and interior are minimal you will find a Bavarian Stube in the dining hall.

Depending what you make out of it, a week at Lanserhof gets you thinking. Might it be the interesting talks after dinner of the medical staff, the splendour of your spacious room, the countryside around or a dip into the pool.
Which for me personally made this cure rather pleasant.
Not only that I like swimming, also the fact that the saltwater helps to extract the toxins from your body and moving in warm water relaxes your mind and muscles. The Bathhouse is the heart of Lanserhof or is it the kitchen?

To me this place made me not even want to leave once, except for a walk to the lake and then quickly back into my room to get comfortable on the couch overlooking the foothills of the Alps.

Lanserhof is about rest, being active and resting again, in your spacious bed or on your sunny terrace overlooking the beautiful nature.
Drink as much as you should, and the highlight is the Basen Soup that is served daily in the medical centre and hotel lobby.
The food is cooked in a healthy way with organic and home-grown ingredients and truly tastes delicious.
Many places to sit down and relax, maybe with a game of chess.
Breakfast is to the point, but after a quinoa porridge with cinnamon and maple syrup and a piece of buckwheat toast you are happy.
My tip against occasional headache and muscle pain or dizziness is to go for long walks around Lanserhof, which is placed far away from tourism on the top of a hill surrounded by a golf course.