The IRMA collaboration with resort wear brand casa nata

We met the Munich based Designer from casa cata and Creative Director from Schönbuch Carolin Sangha, who will be launching and celebrating together with illustration artist Jasmin Khezri their first design collaboration this week (see below invitation).
We had a chat with Carolin to get you in the mood of what you can expect and shop their collaborate collection from Wednesday until Saturday night.

IRMA: Why Black & White?
CAROLIN SANGHA: Because black or white suits many women and does not depend on the personality of the wearer. It is almost like a canvas that leaves a lot of room for a personal style.

The designer and founder of casa nata Carolin Sangha, wearing the IRMA boatline dress black & white.

IRMA: What does illustration means for you?
CAROLIN SANGHA: I personally love illustrations in minimalist form, preferably black on white. An illustration in a few, clear lines can tell a whole story. I’m a big fan of Picasso’s sketches.

IRMA: You are a known sun seeker and you are significant for your colorful resort wear. How did the idea of the collaboration with illustration artist Jasmin Khezri started and why did you decide to go in black and white?
CAROLIN SANGHA: The first two editions of casa nata are only available in black, white and dark blue. Only in Edition 03 have we integrated bright colors, but only in full surface or in color block combination. For the presentation of an illustration on textile, only black and white came into question for me. It should look like a sketch on a white or black canvas.

Wooden bowl Art Edition by Schönbuch x IRMA.

IRMA: Where do you seek for sunny ideas when it is cold outside?
CAROLIN SANGHA: I grew up in India and summer is in my genes. Therefor it is not difficult for me to find ideas for casa nata resort wear. I find a lot of inspiration in traditional Indian clothing, which I put into practice in a contemporary way. Of course, I also need to travel to southern climes to find more ideas, especially how women dress and move around the beach or in the city. In the European winter I try to escape into the warmth. I am not a friend of snow and mountains, even though I live in Munich.

Wall art by IRMA at A.P.R. gallery in Hofgarten, Munich opening today

IRMA: How do you read these days, digital, newspapers or books?
CAROLIN SANGHA: I prefer to read books and newspapers.

Collaboratives, Carolin Sangha and illustration artist and founder of Irmasworld Jasmin Khezri .

IRMA: Where/ how do you transfer your visual ideas to a design idea
CAROLIN SANGHA: My credo is: I find inspiration in everything. I’m always “on the air”. I am a visual person and I photograph or sketch everything that seems to me to be an interesting idea, every day, over and over again.

Zen Tonic IRMA white, not only for the beach but worn like a classic white shirt.

IRMA: If your resort wear would be a movie or a piece of music which one would it be?
CAROLIN SANGHA: The movie would be „A bigger Splash“, the music “Cesaria Evora / Fior Di Nha Esperanca”.

Wall design by Jasmin Khezri/ Irmasworld for the Show Room event with casa nata and schönbuch in Munich

IRMA: Your favorite spot in Munich?
CAROLIN SANGHA: My roof terrace and the the beautiful, extensive park of the Schloß Nymphenburg.