Immunity Boosters

Health is the most important thing and Covid-19 is not over yet.

Wherever you are heading for a holiday break in the sun, boost your immune system and stay healthy. Here comes IRMA’S personal immune boosting guide.


1 Drink a lot!
If we drink too little, it weakens our defences. I have gotten used to drinking warm water before breakfast in the morning. It is important to drink about 1.5 litre a day; this is good for your health and as well for your mucous membranes.

IRMA´S TIPP: I fill a copper bottle, by Forrest & Love with water. The copper has an antibacterial effect and even viruses can hardly survive on this surface. According to Ayurveda, copper water strengthens the immune system, eliminates toxins and stimulates the brain. In addition, copper water has an alkaline effect and thus balances the pH value of the body. 

2 Take as much vitamins in food as you can get
I love fruit and vegetables and eat very healthy. But at the moment I have the feeling that I need “more”. And I get this more in the form of freshly made juices that I prepare.

My favourite: cucumber with lemon and ginger or grapefruit with strawberries and spinach. You can also make pure vegetable juices just from carrots, cucumbers or beetroot. There are no limits to the imagination .

I use a slow juicer, like the MJ-L700 from Panasonic because the machine juices so slowly that all nutrients and vitamins are preserved and that you can simply add whole fruits, which saves me a lot of work. Find more inspiration (also for healthy cocktails) on

IRMA’S TIPP: I freeze too much pressed juice in ice cube moulds, which I then put into my water to cool – delicious! And if you do carrot or apple juice you can use the rest to bake a really healthy cake!


3 Watch your intestines
This is still a taboo subject, but the intestine is, as it is also said in the ancient Chinese medicine or Ayurveda, the seat of health. About 80% of all immune cells are located in the intestine. It is our largest immune organ and the better it works, the better we are protected. My doctor told me to rely on high-quality microorganisms and that is why I take every morning 15 minutes before breakfast the Nutrimmun Probiotik Pur . The important thing about this powder is, that it activates the microorganisms at the moment you add water. It contains Biotin und Vitamin B2, which are very important for our skin and digestive tract. And Vitamin B2 protects your cells from oxidative stress. Probiotic-Pur also contains Lactobacilli, bifidobacteria and lactococci, which are natural in our intestinal flora.

If you think your immune system needs more support, start with the Nutrimmun Nutriglukan which protects your general health.

IRMA´S TIPP: Also great to boost the health and function of the intestines: Lactic acid foods, natural yoghurt, apple vinegar, garlic and artichokes.

4 Soak up the sun
To produce enough vitamin D, which we need for a strong immune system, I enjoy the sun as often as possible. But you only need 15 to 20 minutes of UV radiation on your face and arms to produce enough vitamin D. Afterwards you should use a good sun cream!

IRMA’S TIPP: Take a sunbath with your lower arms turned around so the UV beams hit the thinnest part of your body and can penetrate easier into the skin.

5 Keep on moving
Go outside every day. Because of the current situation,  do it n the early morning or evening to see as less people as possible. Do your workout at home, maybe together with your trainer, if he/she is offering a personal training online.  Mine is a former ballet professional, a yoga teacher and works in Munich’s fitness club Leos.

Katharina Hultsch offers a mixture of Barre Workout, Functional Training and Yoga, the movements are very fluent, and she pays a lot of attention to correct execution.

IRMA’S TIPP: A lot of yoga teachers, fitness trainers and workout professionals offer right now free sessions on Instagram, YouTube and co. It is a great way to try different concepts and teachers to find out which program works best for you.

6 Sleep well
Good sleep is essential, because our immune cells are particularly active at night. A ritual can help you to fall asleep when your mind is wandering: Don’t watch television or any media for at least half an hour before going to bed. Have a cup of camomile tea.  And the smell of lavender relaxes your mind, I use a balm that I usually give my children to calm them down. Just rub a small amount of the badger night balm on your wrists.

IRMA’S TIPP: Open your window in the evening and let some fresh air into your bedroom. And when you are in bed, think of at least five good things that day and say thank you for each one.