The instant resort plan — IRMA selects her favorite places

This time of the year you might love to hit the slopes in the mountains or leave everything behind and escape into the sun. IRMA packs her resort outfits and selects her favorite hideaways under the sun. A week of sunshine on bare skin is good for your health and well-being, or a week of wild life adventure or holistic experience might be just the thing you are looking for at the beginning of the new year.

Issey Miyake at Canyon Ranch, Kaplankaya

The famous health and well-being spot THE CANYON RANCH is now also in Europe and if you do not want to travel far but want to take advantage of their famous health care team, their vision of the balanced state of mind, this is the place for you. Your day will be filled with outdoor activities, you will learn a whole lot about health and fitness and you will come back loaded with good energy. It might still be a bit chilly at night but sunny during the daytime.

Alexander Wang at Chiva Som

This is a classic which is always worth coming back to. Not only because of the great massages and body treatments but also for their portfolio of most famous holistic healers as well as complete medical facilities they offer. Not to mention the delicious, healthy Thai food which will probably also make you want to take their cooking class.

Tory Burch at Villa Marie

Have you ever been in one of the Villa Marie properties before? If so, you will know exactly what awaits you now in St. Barth. A unique, chic interior which makes you feel like home, delicious food and the best way of vacationing à la français. This newly opened resort feels and looks like it has been a classic ever since in St. Barth or maybe the hotelier concept of the Sibuet family was just the one thing still missing on this Caribbean island. Voilà!

Ione at Hurawalhi

This eco-friendly luxe resort is the latest must-dive-into resort if you are an eco-conscious person who wants not only the full luxury treat an island in the Maldives has to offer but also wants to enjoy all the eco-conscious benefits this newly designed resort has to offer: no plastic water bottles, their own water bottling machine, an underwater restaurant with organic food and a spa which uses only organic products. A peaceful rest is guaranteed.

Hermès at And Beyond Savute under Canvas

If you love nature and wildlife, you are in the right spot at Savute Under Canvas, luxury mobile safari tents which are set up at secluded sites in a remote and wild corner of Chobe National Park. Spend nights under canvas close to nature in the landscape of the African night. Secluded campsites in the wildlife haven of Savute provide a base for up-close and personal adventure and discovery. Carefully positioned as close as possible to the resident game, enjoy the simplicity of camping in one of the top wildlife areas in the world. Camps move to a different site every five or six days. This is a true African experience.

PHOTO on SLIDER shows IRMA on her balcony at Villa Marie in St. Barth