Here are the best books that help you start a great year 2017

Thinking about new year’s resolutions, I have to say that I have made so many, some of them fulfilled and others out of reach. I came to the conclusion that it might be better to put a few helping books on your MUST READ LIST for 2017. The joy of making a dream come true, reaching a goal or changing a bad habit might be more easily achieved already when starting to read and get tips. Not everybody has a personal coach, a beauty guru or health specialist at hand. But reading these books will make a change. Happy new year ahead!

MY IDEAL BOOKSHELFmy-ideal-bookshelve
by Jane Mount and Thessaly La Force

The books you read can tell a lot about you and who you are. Who does not want to find out what cool people like Patti Smith, Roseanne Cash, Alice Waters and Judd Apatow, to name only a few, stock on their book shelves and read about the books that matter to them most; books that define their dreams and ambitions and in many cases helped them find their way in the world. Also a perfect guide if you have no clue what to read next…. Beautiful book spine paintings by Jane Mount.

THE FRENCH BEAUTY SOLUTIONthe-french-beauty-solution
by Mathilde Thomas

This French beauty book from one of my favorite beauty brands, CAUDALIE, is written by the founder herself. She shares her knowledge about wine and grapes in terms of beauty, anti aging and health. Great to read about it and learn that a glass of red wine is actually good for you. Besides, a great book on French beauty rituals and points of views.




by Bruce Lourie & Rick Smith

Environmental thought leader Bruce Lourie and environmentalist Rick Smith wrote this great book about how to get all the toxins out of your system after they decided to test it all through self-experimentation—and by talking to a lot of experts in the process. They exposed themselves to any number of bad things—shampoos, cosmetics, fabrics and mattresses, non-stick pans, plastic bottles, and pesticide-laden food. Then they measured their blood and sweat and employed everything from chelation to sauna therapy to detox diets to see what expedited the cleanse.
After reading this book you will look at your environment, your house and the food you consume with a much more critical mind.

the-art-of-the-restaurateur-cover-1THE ART OF THE RESTAURATEUR
by Nicholas Lander

I always wanted to start a food business but I never did (so far) and when I came across this beautifully illustrated book by one of my favorite restaurateurs, Nicholas Lander, the owner of L’Escargot in London in the 80s, I knew exactly why. Meet 20 of the greatest restaurateurs including Danny Meyer and Joe Bastianich to learn what it takes to establish a restaurant with staying power. This books has tips for any kind of business you might start in 2017


the-new-health-rulesTHE NEW HEALTH RULES
by Dr. Frank Lipman and Danielle Claro

Talking about rules, well, consider them tips or ideas which will not be to difficult because this great book is made up like a health Instagram account where you will find beautiful pictures for each health rule. There are 175 actionable tips to improve every aspect of your health. The text is sensibly written, straight to the point and the pictures make you live healthy from the moment you put the book away. A great inspiration for a healthy start into the new year.