The illustrated ring

Set flowers, green coloured stones like leaves or Picasso inspired drawings are the new visual on your hands. Might it be an abstract form almost like a sculpture from Henri Moore, see the malachite and diamond ring by Pomellato or a cubist line drawing ring by jewellery designer Paola Vilas, these days and are telling more about your artistic preferences than your art collection at home.

The Cocktail statement ring becomes piece of art, favourites selected by IRMA.


Pomellato amethyst ring with diamonds on hands, carrying a mini Miu Miu bag from Resort 2019 collection. Jasmin wears a suit by Jil Sander winter 2018.


cherryblossoms by @blumendieleben, antique rings by Pushkin Gallery in London, Saint Laurent ring, vintage ring found in Istanbul.


Jasmin wears a malachite and diamond ring by Pomellato, blouse by Horror Vacui, postcard set by IRMA.