The first geometric bag by Dieter Rams

Did you know that the German industrial designer Dieter Rams designed a handbag in 1963 for his wife Ingeborg which might be the first ever geometric bag.

Dieter Rams, Courtesy of Vitsoe; © Abisag Tüllmann
Tsatsas bag 931, designed by Dieter Rams


The master of modernism who was also the role model of Apple’s Design Guru Jony Ive, is known for his creative direction at the German electronic brand Braun, where he designed alarm clocks, electronic toothbrushes, shavers and many more home appliances.

A fashion accessory was not on his to do list and the geometric, boxy shaped handbag with a short-curved strap and a highly functional and compartmentalized interior, of course was never meant to go public.

Only last November, when he met Esther Schulze-Tsatsas and Dimitrios Tsatsas, the couple behind the German based brand Tsatsas, he decided to collaborate and go public with the 931 bag, named by him which is a homage to his long time companion and wife, Ingeborg.

And we note that Dieter Rams might has been with his purely minimal design esthetic the father of the so called geometric bags which you will find in almost every collection theses seasons .

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Tsatsas bag 931 by Dieter Rams


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