an an londree. Interview with the design duo behind the new beacon of sustainable fashion

Jasmin wears an Edition 12 dress, Blazer Max Mara, hosier by Fogal, loafers by Gucci and raincoat covered Kelly bag by Hermès. Art work by Adriana Czernin

When I first met the design Duo behind an an londree ANDREA HARISCH & ANGELIKA PASCHBECK in their Munich showroom, I thought that this is the easy way I want to get dressed in the morning. Pull over a dress with an outstanding print, a flattering and chic cut and all the aspects of handmade, sustainable wear with an arty touch.

The concept is clear: everything is handmade, few different models and every bit of the hand painted material is used to design something unique.

We had a chat and Jasmin styled her favourites for pleasure and workdays


IRMA: What makes your brand and production of fashion so unique?
ANDREA HARISCH & ANGELIKA PASCHBECK: An an londree is not about buying any ready fabrics. We produce all our fabrics ourselves. Some are even hand woven, but all are handprinted or hand dyed and sometimes also hand embroidered or framed with hand crochet.

We allow our stockists to order our collection in all our fabric-designs. So really lots of variations are possible and the shops can create a unique look. Like this each merchant can create their very unique collection for their customers.


Cannot get by a flower bouquet without taking a picture. This one crossed my eye at the Ritz Hotel in Madrid. Jasmin wears an Edition 12 dress in raw silk, vintage Gucci slip ons and vintage bag by Vintage Love, sunnies by Marni

IRMA: Can you explain your Limited Edition of 12 pieces per colour and style?
ANDREA HARISCH & ANGELIKA PASCHBECK: Most of our stockists and even our online shop was sold out quite early this season. So, we decided to develop something in between the seasons. We decided to redo our 3 best dresses of AW1920 in three new fabrics. The limited edition is now available online on and at some of our best stockists.


IRMA: What make each piece outstanding is the detail, like embroideries and stitching. How do you get inspired for details
ANDREA HARISCH & ANGELIKA PASCHBECK: We get inspired by keeping our eyes open. Sometimes we just work with traditional techniques, which we put in a new content/surrounding. Colour-wise we usually just do what we feel while doing the collection.

We both love traveling and art, so this might be an inspiration pool too. 😉

Love to add fresh flowers to my home


IRMA: Your dresses are easy to wear elegant and effortless, how important is it for you that dressing as a woman is cool and easy?
ANDREA HARISCH & ANGELIKA PASCHBECK: We design items which we also wear – also during the week on a „normal“ day – not just on events. Our wardrobe ha to be „cool and easy“, especially when you work + travel.

Long Maxi dress of Edition 12 worn with a cornflower, blue box bag by Hermès and booties by Celine, sunnies by Linda Farrow


IRMA: When you start a new collection what do you think about first, print or silhouette?
ANDREA HARISCH & ANGELIKA PASCHBECK: This is a very good question. We start with both in the same time. But we finish print usually first.


IRMA: What is for you important in sustainable fashion?
ANDREA HARISCH & ANGELIKA PASCHBECK: We think the general system should be sustainable. For example, we care about local production. Weaving, printing, embroidery, stitching… all is done more or less within 1-hour drive. There is no shipping in between. Of course, also care about the colours which we use (ACO free). Our packaging is 100% plastic free and we avoid all kind of „rest-fabrics “. We use the very last meter of each fabric, even if we develop new accessories just for this reason. Like our mini-bags, silk-belts…

flowers by Sois blessed, Munich

IRMA: In which way do you share the idea of less is more, can you give us some examples?
ANDREA HARISCH & ANGELIKA PASCHBECK: Our collection is very small. Just few silhouettes we have each season. But our stockists can order each design in all fabrics – so the choice at the end seems big.

We do not produce any stock, so we have no need of any season sales or „black Fridays“.

An an londree Edition 12 Maxi dress in raw silk

IRMA: How do you like to wear your dresses, which accessories would you add to underline your design?
ANDREA HARISCH & ANGELIKA PASCHBECK: We personally love the looser, more casual fit. But many clients love to add belts in the waist.
Great shoes or big statement earrings underline our collection very well. Regarding the earrings, we will launch something new very soon! 😊


Edition 12 maxi dressed, slightly shortened by Jasmin; Prada shoes from an older season; cashmere scarf by Hermès Winter 2018, ring by Pomellato.