The festive wreaths is a must for your holidays


No holiday is complete without a festive wreath. Whether you hang it on your front door, place it on a large table or have it hung from the ceiling. The combination between needle trees, bare branches and winter berries are a must when it come s to Christmas decoration.

IRMA had a chat with Julius Linke, founder of “The Blumen Company” in Munich, who has created the holiday wreath for Irmasworld. Here are more tips and ideas on how to make this year’s Christmas decoration special


  • This year we like to have the wreaths bind together in a looser way, more random, natural as if grown together natural. Weave some berry branches, leaves or anything organic into it.
  • We don’t like fake snow on green wreaths, but white is the colour that immediately associates crystal snow, winter wonderland and frosty leaves. Use white fresh flowers or veil herb instead which appear like natural snowflakes.
  • To make your wreath last after Christmas morning place it on a large plate with daily fresh water to moist the leaves and keep them humid.
  • Combine classic pinecones with berries and you will not only have a classic wreath but one that smells of Christmas, especially when you add some essential oils, like orange blossom or peppermint onto the pinecones.
  • Who says a wreath has to be round, how about a square one, just made out of needle tree branches.
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  • Use anything beautiful and organic on your wreath, feathers, shells, stones, dried clementine or limes. Add up as much as you can with your glue pistol. Do not hang this kind of wreath as things might fall off but when you place it on a table, it works fine.
  • Keep it natural with an all – cedar foliage Christmas wreath. You can hang several, similar ones up on a wall in different sizes.
  • How about matching your wreath with your Christmas tree, both dressed upin the same way?
  • Create a wreath chain by placing three similar wreaths underneath each other hold together by a wide, bright ribbon, perfect for a door entrance or a big gallery window.
  • Use giant satin bows which look as if they had been created by Monsieur Christian Dior for his latest couture gown. Use pastel colours and matching big candles.


Our Christmas wreath created by floral artisan Julius Linke from “The Blumen Company” in Munich