Big glasses

Are they a trend, an homage to the 80s, think Farah Fawcett, or just a way of looking super cute like Betty Boo?

Something extra big on something fragile looks always cool and cute. Just think of Mini Mouse skinny legs with giant shoes on her feet. Girls and some women lately wear extra-large eyeglasses with super long hair, and we admit it kind of looks cute and becomes almost a statement accessory?

This is only one trend between many more this season. Have a look at these:

Giantly large, fine metal framed glasses

Gold Metal Wireframe glasses

Eyeglasses in pastel colours, maybe matching your pastel cloths

Warm neutrals like nude, caramel, honey coloured frames

Linda Farrow


Wooden effect eyeglasses for the weekend on the countryside

Lipstick coloured frames in pink and red, best for pale skin tones

Marbled eyeglasses frames, not only for the architect

Linda Farrow

Oversize, Hipster square glasses

Vintage cat eye glasses

Round and big glasses