The Day After

Collage Oscarrs

Los Angeles: Just imagine the full contentment of achievement. Yes, I got it! Must be a great feeling. Still if you are not the lucky winner but just had a great Oscar Party last night at home with your friends or at the actual Oscars you might feel a little dizzy this Monday morning. No worries, with these little helpers IRMA got you a nice selection of a first aid kit which will make your day still bright and full of great memories from last night.


  • Your morning tub should wake you up and detox your body at the same time. Take a warm bath with AHAVA Dead Sea bath salts.
  • Remember to drink lots of mineral water, my favorite is by FLOSE.
  • When you open your eyes, you should feel like a star. I recommend nightwear by Carine Gilson and on your feet bejeweled slippers by Prada.
  • A must-read: Variety or The Hollywood Reporter are essential and give you all the inside stories.
  • A classic from Germany, Heidelberger Pulver works magic after a champagne night. The bitter compounds are perfect to balance your acid alkaline balance.
  • I use the MASQUE CREME A LA ROSE NOIR by Sisley like a night cream to regenerate my skin.
  • Whiskey glasses by Baccarat are perfect for fresh water. The crystal makes the water even taste better, I really believe that.
  • The icepack for the eyes is an option in case of swollen lids. I prefer to use it even the night when I come home before going to bed. It works better.
  • Make sure your first glimpse when opening your eyes will go on to your lover or a beautiful bouquet of flowers on your bedside table which reminds you of him.