Blue Gold and the force of water in Bad Ragaz

BAD RAGAZ: Can you imagine that water is my new cure? Not any kind of water, although we know that we should drink at least two liters a day. The spring water at Bad Ragaz is different. Over hundreds of years, the body-temperature thermal water from the Tamina source was used to cure illnesses. In 1774 the oldest part of the Grand Hotel Hof Ragaz, now part oft he Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, was build, shortly thereafter the Quellenhof and since 2008 you can live in the Spa Suits Tower right next to the thermal bath. That’s where butler services guarantee the highest level of luxury and privacy. Here it is all about the perfect sleep and gaining back your energy or doing a detox cure with the water of Bad Ragaz.

Let’s start with sleep, one of the main focuses of the Spa Suits. The mattress is in- or deflatable to create a soft or hard ground and you can choose your duvet and pillow, which suits your resting habit. If that does not help, I recommend the pure spring water placed right next to your bed, which can be vaporized above your pillow.

All rooms in the Spa tower have Jacuzzis filled with the original spring water and light therapy is another asset to assure relaxation while either enjoying the tub, taking a private sauna or steam bath. The minibar offers only water and tea and all interior materials are organic and natural; sustainably produced. If you are a very sensitive person, you can also turn off all electrical radiation in the room.

Starting my detox treatment today I will talk to Dr. med. Christian Hoppe, head doctor for the programme at the Medical Center at Bad Ragaz. In his team he has nutritionists and physical therapist that will have lots of advice so you can even follow some live enhancing tips at home. I will keep you posted in the next weeks and help you to prepare for spring

Bad Ragaz
IRMA loves her Spa Suite in the Spa Tower at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz with a 24h butler Services, premium water from the water bar and fine teas. Green smoothies are a perfect while detoxing and the thermal water at the Tamina Therme is good for body and soul, especially when you want to get rid of toxins.