The beautiful simplicity of authentic food. Café Bibi

Café Bibi is a food concept with dishes and cakes that make you simply happy and let your feel at your very best all day long. We had a chat with the Munich based owner Britta Peters who developed this concept of less is more in a simple and authentic way that tastes delicious and looks divine. You will also find fine ceramics, table linen, jewellery, accessories and fine selected ceramics & porcelain in her Munich store.

The best way to start your day, warm porridge, fresh fruit and a sprinkle of Granola by La Mere Mimosa.

IRMA: Please describe the concept behind CAFÈ BIBI.
BRITTA PETERS: Fresh, organic, homemade, healthy, gluten-free, tasty food and coffee specially roasted for Cafe Bibi.
I love the smell and taste of our food, the looks of the cakes and the good feeling after a delicious meal.

Fine, hand painted porcelain by Marie Daage and Britta Peters with Pepsi wearing a dress from her store


IRMA: Tell us the benefits about your food concept, gluten-free and almost sugar free but still tasty and delicious?
BRITTA PETERS: It meets the demands of modern, healthy and light nutrition. You feel a positive energy and you don’t get tired. Especially the cakes, they are the best you can get when you talk about gluten free and a low sugar diet.

Last week’s breakfast event at Café Bibi was a fun, enjoying homemade porridge, Granpola and flower Bouquets by Julia Amann.


IRMA: How important is presentation in your cafe? You have beautiful ceramics, you serve all dishes on.
BRITTA PETERS: I use selected, earthy ceramic in combination with organic food. Presentation and decoration are of utmost importance to the store but also to my concept of eating and living.

Britta Peters wears a handprinted silk dress by AnAnLondree and a selection of fine tablecloths and napkins.


IRMA: To your opinion, why is less more?
BRITTA PETERS: Nowadays people have almost everything. Therefore, it is important to get back to simple but beautiful things.


IRMA: You sell the granola and Müsli by La Mere Mimosa, why do you like it?
BRITTA PETERS: For me it is the best ever, because it contains almost no sugar, has very low fat, home roasted by a small company and: IT TASTES GREAT!!


Less is more when an organic egg comes from Billesberger Hof.

IRMA: Your signature dish and why you love it?
BRITTA PETERS: Our avocado farmers bread is still our best seller. It is a classic meal, healthy and extremely delicious with a sour dough bread and a farmers egg from a true biological, organic source (Billesberger Hof).


A white coat by Bergfabel and an ensemble by Injiri are only a few labels Britta Peters finds all over the world for her unique selection of things she sells in her little concept store.


IRMA: Your ideal breakfast looks like this, can you give us a recipe?
BRITTA PETERS: Granola, Porridge, seasonal fruit, combined with a spoon of Greek Yogurt. Coffee or tea.

Britta Peters wears Injiri and Jasmin Khezri from Irmasworld at the breakfast event last week at Café Bibi chatting for this interview.

IRMA: All things served at Cafe Bibi are carefully and well selected, you have your own branded coffee roast and chocolate and you sell fine homemade marmalades and teas by Joe Tea Co and olive oil by Ladolea. How do you go about finding special foods?
BRITTA PETERS: When traveling I visit farmer markets and search for handmade and original goods.

IRMA: Your favourite cooking book at the moment?
BRITTA PETERS: “Sandra Loves „ from Sandra Choremi from the beautiful Island of Paros in the Aegean Sea

IRMA: What can you expect from a lunch break at café Bibi?
BRITTA PETERS: Health and good food surrounded by beautiful things to look at and shop and a cosy atmosphere.