Thalassa Spa Introduces the Cyprus Body Twist Ritual

The Cyprus Body Twist Ritual by Anassa: All the minerals and nutrients from the sea.

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Those days the lucky ones spend some time at the sea and we all know the feeling after a day at the beach ploughing into the waves having your feed naturally scrubbed by walking on sand and soaking up all the energy from a sunny day and salty air that makes you feel your very best.

Sailing with the Anassa Yacht. photo courtesy of Anassa Hotel

We looked for a holiday destination that indulges you with all the comfort of a summer retreat and by the same time leaves you with good energy for as long as possible when you come back home.


The Anassa’s spa combines the power of the sea and the nutrients of local foliage to create a relaxing and refreshing new experiences. With their latest signature spa treatment, the new Cyprus Body Twist Ritual the concept is to take the mineral-rich water directly from the sea to the spa and use it within the treatment which starts with a body back massage.

Sunset over the Aegean sea. photo courtesy of Anassa Hotel

Then, using warmed organic olive oil and heated Cyprus lemons, the therapist gives a firm massage to relieve muscle tension. In the process, the warmed lemons soften and release their juice, suffusing the skin with nurturing vitamin C. Next, you will be exfoliated through the application to the skin of carob syrup and raw sugar in a gentle scrub. The treatment concludes with a soothing rinse under the mist of the Thalasso therapy affusion shower; with the mineral-rich water directly from the sea. You will emerge feeling cleansed and renewed.

Helios Terrace Restaurant. Photo courtesy of Anassa Hotel

We think this body treatment is ideal at all times during the summer or towards the end to boost your immune system.

Book a weekend in late September still with the Aegean sea warm and golden sunsets. Enjoy a local and healthy dinner at Helios Terrace restaurant and feel complete harmony with your body and soul.

photo courtesy of Anassa Hotel

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