Haute Couture: Six inspiring ideas for your daily wardrobe

What we love about Haute Couture is the fine detail each Fashion House comes up with every season.

Think of colour combinations, textures and accessories when it comes to Haute Couture there are no limits and craftmanship as well as bright ideas achieve the highest standard.

We edited our favourite looks and love to take these ideas already into our wardrobe`s daily right now.

VALENTINO: Eyeshadow matching dress makes a statement especially when used in the same hues.
DAILY : Match your coloured palette not only to your dresses but also to sweaters and accessories.

DIOR: The most elegant nude comes out when wearing bare legs to strong winter materials and dark colours.
DAILY: Lengthen your legs with an elegant pointed shoe makes your silhouette very Dior.


VALENTINO: make fresh flowers crown your head, shoulders or shoes
DAILY: Create your favourite Flower combinations instead of using fine jewellery for a change

GIAMBATTISTA VALLI: All one colour works best when using details that stand out
DAILY : workd with unusual textures for accessories or pimp your favourite bags & shoes with feathers or broches.



DIOR : add Playful fine jewellery , matching your hairstyle, big loops to heavy curls and fine long earrings to slick ponytails.
DAILY : Slick hair creates an elegant look especially when using nude make up and pale lipstick


CHANEL: The focus is on the sleeve and an all matching colour accessory like an extra-long glove.
DAILY: Be creative and cut into your sleeves and skirts to have a new line of movement.