8 Vintage Accounts on Instagram that show the good stuff

vintage Yves Saint Laurent

In a fashion world of more than six collections a year we keep asking ourselves the question: Do we need more new cloths? Especially as designers are also going to look for their new ideas in the archives of their fashion houses or the vintage shops all over the world.

But especially fast fashion is one of the most damaging industries for our environment. Not only does it reportedly create as many greenhouse gases as Russia in its entirety, there are also ethical implications: men and often women in developing countries are overworked and underpaid.

van Cleefs & Arpels

Thankfully, there is a stylish way we can leave this issue beside by buying second-hand clothes.

Many of our favourite vintage sellers have an online presence, which makes perusing their stock a whole lot easier and following your favourite dealers on Instagram is also a daily inspiration on what to wear without a bad conscious, the next time you are shopping





  • Great edited pictures that inspiere  a vintage life style
  • Top conditions of their collections
  • Just womenswear
  • https://www.oh-jackie.com
mid-century living


  • Store: Frauensteasse 22, Munich ,Germany
  • A great collection on vintage bavarian dirndl fashion
  • Well edited selection of vintage jewellery and bags
  • www.vintagelove.de/
vintage art



  • mostly blouses
  • only womenswear
  • clean feed
  • shooted on dolls
  • Exhibition at regular London vintage fairs 
  • www.rebeccasweeting.com/




Pucci skirt



@dirty disco 

Yves Saint-Laurent poster