A swim a day keep all maladies away.

Crystal clear waters, ruff stones and a constant breeze, almost all year round, that is what you find at the historic bathing spot of Sandycove in the little town of Dún Laoghaire about a 20-minute drive from downtown Dublin. The all year-round swimming club is an institution you should visit, as swimming in icy waters in the Irish sea is healthy.

There must be a reason why people keep meeting every morning and afternoon to paddle around the ruff sea or even plunge headlong off the sea- shorn jetties and rocks.


Swimming at Forty Foot, Sandycove, Ireland

If you want to get started, I suggest you book a seaside room at the Haddington House Hotel, just a 10 minute walk from the historic bathing spot Forty Foot.
You will get towels at the reception and a hot tea when driving back home with the hotels complimentary bike.


Haddington House Hotel; the bay


It might sound a crazy thing to do but these benefits might want you to go for it.

FOR YOUR MIND: A swim in the icy Nordic sea will boost your mental health and mood. Most important, it replaces dead brain cells.

HYPERTENSION: Will keep your blood pressure low.

YOUR SILHOUETTE: Actually, a swim is like a lymphatic drain. It activates the lymph system and metabolism and burns 500 calories per hour.

MUSCLES: A swim strengthens your abdominals, arms and legs and reduces the impact on joints.


A chat and a swim at the Gentlemens Bathing Place (Today, women are allowed to join)


BREATH DEEP: The regular breathing pattern you will build up after time builds lung power and works great against asthma.

FLEXIBILITY: Daring a swim in the ruff sea keeps muscles limber and improves bone health.

And after the swim, a hot tea.


  • Wear a bathing suit, a bathing cap and a pair of swimming gloves.
  • when going in the first time you might also want some thermo swimming shoes.
  • Put cold cream on your face and lips to protect your skin from cracking.
  • Make sure that when coming out of the water you change quickly.
  • There are some professional wind braking changing capes that protect you from the cold wind while changing.
  • Make sure you wear warm shoes, like UGG boots and a fleece, soft jumper. -Don’t forget to cover your head with a warm scarf or hat.
  • Keep moving when coming out of the water, go for a short run or walk quickly back home.
  • Drink some hot tea with lime and cinnamon to warm up.