SUMMER BEAUTY: My skincare tipps for the change of season

As he weather become warmer and you replace boots with strappy stilettos, your skin undergoes a metamorphosis too. While icy winds zapped its moisture in the cold weather, come summer and it regains its natural hydration. But that doesn’t mean you ditch skincare all together. Just a few tweaks will take you through the hot months looking as radiant as the golden sun. Here’s what works:

  • Use clay
    Winter demanded rich, comforting masks but in summer you need something that draws out excess oil without drying the skin. A clay masks draws out impurities, however it must contain other hydrating ingredients such as honey and oils. Apply it twice a week to keep breakouts away. My favourites: Purearth Mitti and May Lindstrom Honey Mud.
  • Embrace mists
    I always carry a small bottle of mist. It adds instant hydration whether you’re on a flight or working long hours on a computer. Misting your face before applying face oil, makes the oil absorb better into your skin. If you can find a good quality, pure rosewater then you can even spray it into your eyes. It is especially cooling for burning and tired eyes. I like Caudalie Beauty Elixir to instantly brighten the skin, and Kama Pure Rosewater to cool and hydrate.
  • Choose hydration
    Switch to lighter products when the weather gets hot. Replace rich creams with ultralight moisturisers and hyaluronic acid serums. This will increase the moisture content without making skin oily. You can also use a serum that has firming or brightening properties, like the Aveda Tulasara Firm Concentrate.
  • Reduce harsh skincare
    Retinols and acids should be reduced or completely removed from your skincare routine. During summer the sun is harsh and these products make the skin more susceptible to damage and sunburn. You can instead use a vitamin C serum to make the complexion look more even toned. Try the NOID Ethylated L-Ascorbic Acid 30%.
  • Adopt double cleansing
    In the hot weather double cleaning becomes even more relevant because we use that much more sunscreen. However, don’t use two harsh cleansers – use a cleansing oil or balm, followed by a foaming cleanser, if you have oily skin. And a cleansing milk if your face is dry. I love Diptyque Nourishing Cleansing Balm and Julisis Silver Wash Night.


  • Introduce an SPF 30 sunscreen
    For everyday use in the city, an SPF 30 sunscreen is good enough. You only need a higher protection if you’re going to the beach. Try to use one that contains zinc and titanium oxide, as these minerals also help calm and clarify sensitive skin. I like Dermalogica Ultra Calming Super Sensitive Shield SPF30.