Styling exercise and talk at TOD’S

Walter Chiapponi succeeds one step further with each season, creating a look that combines Italian elegance with sportswear underlined by the heritage of craftsmanship.
Known for Mr. Diego Della Valle’s introduction of the Gommino in 1978, the casual moccasin designed as a driving shoe and still the company’s best-selling shoe and once made famous by Lady Diana, the brand increasingly emphasizes more and more on the pret-a-porter collection for women and men, besides shoes, accessories and lifestyle products (lately a collection around a dog’s life).

The spring summer collection was designed under the inspiration “under the Italian sun”, which stands for the localness, the artisanal support and heritage TOD’S stands for, an Italian family business.

The collection is a mix on short, neat, trapeze silhouettes, loosely reminiscent of the ’60s, just think of a sportive version of Valley of the dolls.
There is no decorative element that does not meet needs, such as pockets, ribbons to create a silhouette, or the timeless T of the company that Walter Chiapponi found in a forgotten drawer of the archives of the Marche headquarters in Italy. The steel brass T has a modern, yet timeless shape.

He underlined the silhouette with high waists, A-line apron dresses and body conscious shapes to ballooning sporty parkers, made of nylon gazer and slightly oversize jackets.

His colour palette of brights, emeralds, tangerine, lapis lazuli and turquoise blue was taken from the Italian coastline and often combined to nude and earthy shades.

The entire collection showed an artisanal tactility of raw wool, hand-knitted and short fringed tunics, sleeveless jumpers and crocheted minidresses.

Sabots, TOD’S


Trenchcoat, TOD’S


Trenchcoat with removable yoke, TOD’S


Bauletto bag, TOD’S


MICRO bag and sunglasses, TOD’S


Jacquard Polo Shirt & mini skirt, TOD’S


Plateau-loafer, Jacquard Polo Shirt & mini skirt, TOD’S