Buying vintage has always been in fashion

In 1970s, Yves Saint Laurent sent models down the runway in their mother’s ’40s evening gowns; Paloma Picasso and Loulou de la Falaise bought vintage clothes for authenticity and validity – the real deal, not a pale imitation.”
And here we are in 2021 where some companies are re-editioning their most iconic pieces from previous collections. Vintage shops are a must on every shopping spree and almost every large fashion retailer has a vintage section by now.

Mixing vintage finds or last season’s pre-loved pieces and matching them with current accessories is the real deal and a great tool to create a unique style. Also, caring for our environment we should produce less cloths, but own more relevant ones. Vintage sales are going up and will be the new norm.

But current collections getting the point. For example, when British brand Connolly wanted to do something different during lockdown, they turned to fashion stylist, vintage consultant and Portobello stallholder Frank Akinsete to curate and upcycle eight pieces from the brand’s previous collections.
The resulting dip-dyed, hand-block printed capsule collection, named after Akinsete’s blue Burmese cat Rocky and photographed on fellow stallholders, very authentic.

There is also an added element of craft to vintage. To repair precious pieces is almost like a meditative arts & craft work. And of course, to investigate and recognize fine craftmanship, often made by hand and to celebrate that work.

Besides buying vintage cloths is an entire lifestyle, it becomes a source of joy and real creativity. Having a chat with a vintage shop owner can be a journey into the history of Fashion.
These are just a few reasons why we keep on collecting vintage.

Here are our current highlights. Send us an email at for more information.

1.) Coat, Miu Miu. Contact us for more


2.) Total look and bag Dior. Contact us for more
3.) Skirt. Dior. Contact us for more
4.) Total look PRADA
5.) Prada popeline stretch cotton shirt with separate brooch. Contact us for more
6.) Prada skirt. Contact us for more
7.) Sunglasses, PRADA. Contact us for more
9.) Trousers, Bag, Jacket. Chanel. Contact us for more
1.) Coat, Miu Miu. Contact us for more
13.) Jacket. Gucci. Contact us for more
13.) Jacket. Gucci. Contact us for more
14.) Cardigan. Chanel. Contact us for more
15.) Saint Laurent Rive Gauche. Contact us for more
15.) Dress. Jacquemus. Contact us for more
16.) Yves Saint Laurent trench coat