Stay wild & glamp

Why rural getaways are on our bucket list when it comes to summer holidays. There are many reasons why we want to escape into the wild this summer.

First of all, some of us began to enjoy solitude and its benefits on the soul during the pandemic and many of us had time to reconnect with nature and its calming and sometimes healing effect. Nature became a place of freedom from the challenges of dealing with social distancing and navigating the pandemic in our everyday lives.

Everyone who tried booking a holiday in a hotel lately experienced waiting list, over booked restaurants and crowded beaches.
If you are not lucky enough to spend the days on your private island or at least in your holiday domaine, an option might be glamping.
Glamping comes with a little more effort and challenges than a luxury retreat, but definitely with amazing benefits.

Remember you cannot just stop wherever you like with your gypsy wagon. Glamping needs organization, planning and a defined route, but the experience can be magnificent and being close to nature is worth all the organization.
Just think of the digital detox, the morning swim in a river, next to your bed and being close to nature wildlife. The detox from noise and virtual availability .


  1. A week under canvas can reset your natural body clock and restore your balance with nature. The main culprit putting our bodies out of sync is electric light, which generally means we are less exposed to natural daylight in daytime and exposed to artificial light when the sun goes down.
  2. Low travel costs which make sense as air travelling becomes not only very expensive , but also uncomfortable and time consuming.
  3. Travelling is the goal. The minute you leave your home, your holiday begins. Enjoy the ride. Take breaks and make it slow, very slow.
  4. Stay local and discover places , regional foods and art that you might not have put a focus on before.
  5. Ordinary Trailer homes are yesterday`s vehicle. Rather go for a special Gypsy wagon, or stay in a very special location, like this one:
  6. If you want your natural wildlife experience be organized by professionals we suggest the travel organizer Eco Camp, Maybe a good start for a new holiday routine.

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