Spring Fatigue is not an option

With these three bedding ideas, your dreams will be sweet and you will wake up full of energy. We spoke to the design team at Bella Notte, a Californian bedding company that works with naturally dyed fabrics and small-batch collections.

IRMA: What is your idea of the perfect bed to sleep in?
BELLA NOTTE: We would create a bed with predominantly green pigment sheets and duvets. Juniper has a tranquil and lush atmosphere, as if you were entering a secluded and slumbering forest – perfect for a spring sleep ensemble.
A night can vary in temperature, warm as we fall asleep and cool as we wake up, so we would layer the bed with linen and cotton sateen, with interesting textures to create interesting layers. The bedding would feel luxuriously soft and inspire green dreams.

Bed linen in natural dyed green from Bella Notte Linens. California

IRMA: Why is bedding important and how would you decorate your bedroom?
BELLA NOTTE: The choice of bed linen is more than just aesthetic, it is also about comfort and practicality.

In spring, we often choose white and neutral colours from our palette because the light around us is so much brighter. We create interest by mixing textiles and love to use soft, muted colours, several shades of white drifting into a pearly pink. We tend to minimise clutter and decorative objects, the aim is to create a simpler, more peaceful and expansive space.

Use decorative metal flowers instead of real plants if you are prone to allergies.

IRMA: Is there a natural way to cool down a bedroom on a hot summer night? Any tips and ideas?
BELLA NOTTE: Using lighter fabrics in spring is one way to cool down. Putting away your duvet and replacing it with a quilt will give you enough density to sleep in without overheating your bed.

Layers are always beneficial as temperatures fluctuate throughout the night. In the hottest moments, a flat sheet may suffice and your duvet can be folded down to the foot of your bed.

We are big believers in the refreshing nourishment of water and always keep a glass and carafe on our bedside table. If possible, try to keep your room from getting too hot during the peak hours of the day by keeping the blinds open. Air circulation is the key to cooling any room, and if opening windows is not an option, fans are highly recommended.

Candles are a nice way to create dense light before going to bed.

IRMA: What are the ideal plants for your bedroom?
BELLA NOTTE: We love plants in our bedroom, but the choice depends very much on where you live, how much natural light you have and which plants can grow indoors depending on the season.

Write down your thoughts before you go to bed. Writing in a journal is a great way to leave fears and anger behind.

IRMA: Which materials are cooling and which are warming?
BELLA NOTTE: The weight of the fabric can determine the degree of warmth. Cotton satin, linen, silk charmeuse and Tencel™ are traditionally lighter fabrics that we recommend for the warmer seasons. But fabrics, especially linen, can absorb body heat and work beautifully in colder temperatures. Velvet, jacquard and damask are all heavier and provide a more cocooning experience in the colder months.

Create layers for the different cycles of your sleep.