Leslie Sturm – A European Creative from Zurich

Dive into our engaging discussion with Leslie Sturm, a leading light in interior and product design, as we explore Zurich’s dynamic creative landscape. Sturm opens up about her diverse career and the inspiration for her distinctive capsule collection of vintage fabrics, highlighting the city’s blend of serene hideaways and lively cultural vibrancy.


IRMA: What makes Zurich a creative place to work?
LESLIE STURM: In my opinion Zurich combines the best of two completely opposite worlds.
You can find so many calm beautiful hidden gems in the heart of Zurich, where you can be on your own and enjoy quietness, rest and ease and find back to yourself.
And yet there is definitely also a vibrating, fun and artsy side to Zurich, where you can be inspired and loose yourself in your surroundings. To me a balance of both is essential in order to live a life full of creativity and joy.

Interior designed by Leslie Sturm


IRMA: You have an interior design studio and since last year you have been designing a capsule collection with unique vintage fabrics from Hungary, please tell us about it. How do you combine your work as an interior designer with designing your capsule collection?
LESLIE STURM: To me, interior and fashion are two separate unities.
Anna, my co-founder, and I started our interior architecture company Spring Concepts about five years ago. Ever since the company has grown steadily to a team size of now seven.
Spending time with our team and clients and working together on all those truly inspiring (mainly residential) projects is incredibly fulfilling to me.

My fashion brand May19 is completely detached from Spring Concepts.
It all started when I met gallery owner Miki von Bartha, who has been collecting vintage ceramics and fabrics from Transylvania for almost half a century. You look at those colours and patterns and what you see is truly inspiring.
Over the past three years we went vintage hunting in Budapest for these very rare fabrics and turned them into blouses, vests, coats and bags.
The idea of reusing and appreciating something old and creating unique pieces is what drives me. In this field I don’t have a schedule or timeline I need to follow, I simply design and create new items whenever I find vintage fabrics or buttons which I feel connected to.

Leslie Sturm wearing the Dorset Jacket Tanger from the Jasmin Khezri collection


IRMA: What does a perfect day in Zurich look like?
LESLIE STURM: Summer time. Walking up early. 7 am morning yoga in Frauenbadi and a quick swim in the lake. Heading home. Spending the rest of the morning with my one year old daughter Nelly and my best friend at the Bürklimärt, the most beautiful flower market that Zurich has to offer.
Dinner at home with fresh food from the market cooked from the best chef Zurich has to offer (my husband!) with our family or friends. This is to me as good as it gets.

Interior designed by Leslie Sturm


IRMA: Your favourite place in the city to get creative?
LESLIE STURM: I am most inspired when I can spend a calm day on the weekend at the office, letting classical music burst through all the rooms, leaving the windows open and have time to dream and create.

IRMA: For interior design and household goods, which shop do you recommend?
LESLIE STURM: For household goods there is a great store in Zurich called slow goods in Kreis vier.
For interior objects I’d suggest Limited Stock – they never cease to amaze!
Also, this year Spring Concept’s own online store Spring House will launch. We have been working on this for several years now and it is a collection of either in house designed furniture pieces and lamps (all made in Switzerland by highly talented local artist blacksmith, stucco plasterer or cabinet maker) or unique, hand-made pieces from very small companies all over the world.

Leslie Sturm’s office

IRMA: Where do you take your morning coffee in spring? What makes Zurich a creative place to work?
LESLIE STURM: Back to your first question. For a quiet morning I go to the flower market and drink my coffee at Tisch Bank Stuhl right next to the Bürklimarkt.
Very hip, urban and fun if you want to mingle with everyday life is Coffee, which is located in probably the most up-and-coming area of Zurich, Kreis vier.

Interior designed by Leslie Sturm


Leslie Sturm with Jasmin Khezri from IRMASWORLD