Sea, lake, alpine & urban new summer hotels

The possibilities are endless when it comes to summer travels, and we suggest taking a deep breath and let your mind and body decide which destination would be ideal for your next holiday. By the azure blue sea, the freshness of the mountain, a nautique lake or rather a buzzing city, we selected four unique, new hotels that cater all you needs in a destination to make you feel at your very best.
To make packing easy we edited our favourite looks from the Jasmin Khezri collection matching each location. Bon voyage!



Imagine a hotel where the environment blends with the architecture of a place. Architectural bureau studios Divercity Architects, in collaboration with MPlusM Architects, created a space minimal enough to let the beauty of nature shine and reflect the hotel and surroundings in a very successful way.
Materials such as the island’s famous archaeological murals combine with contemporary art in the guest rooms and common areas to create a harmonious balance. The interior is furnished with a mix of bespoke designs and pieces from international industry icons such as Doshi Levien, Konstantin Grcic and Faye Toogood.
We love the simplicity yet exclusivity due to the space, concept and light that make NOÚS a perfect Aegean getaway.

Our selection for the NOÚS Santorini from the Jasmin Khezri Collection: Julien dress. Trois boules, Gazelle d’Or. Blouse & belt, IRMA scrunchie

By the way, the food is so simple, but of the highest quality, which goes to the smallest detail, for example, Dr. Kavvadias uses olive oil. Read his interview on Irmasworld,




Table setting at La Perla Hotel in Corvara

The Costa family calls their latest venture of their three family-run hotels an editorial project. After starting with the La Perla Hotel in Corvara, followed by the Family Foundation, the Berghotel Ladinia and the Albergo Posta Marcucci in Bagno Vignoni in Val d’Orcia, it is now Casa Costa 1956, a container, a flow of ideas, images, and thoughts – not as barriers, but to build bridges to hospitality. It’s a place to get in touch with yourself and the beautiful nature around you.

Our selection for Casa Costa from the Jasmin Khezri Collection: Seville blouse couture. Black striped, Palazzo pants, Crocheted bag, IRMA scrounchies, Crocheted mini scarf




View from a room at the Passalaqua on the shores of Lake Como

Lake Como’s newest hotel is an 18th-century gem that was carefully renovated a few years ago by the De Santis family, who also own the Grand Hotel Tremezzo near Bellagio. They know exactly how to capture the grandessa of an Italian Grand Hotel on the lake and give it a dose of modernity that will make you travel back in time and dream of the Italian way, enjoying every minute. Where your eye meets the beauty of every carefully chosen detail.


Furniture, art and objects surround you, as well as the old wooden boats that guests can rent, the hand-picked bouquet of flowers from the garden or the many unique antiques personally acquired by the family at auctions across Italy. The coloured parasols around the pool emphasize an effortless elegance as if it had been around for centuries, and the overall fin-de-siècle charm makes this newly opened gem a museum-like getaway at its finest.

Our selection for the Passalaqua Hotel from the Jasmin Khezri Collection: Blue shade dress, Pareo, IRMA scrunchie,





The ROOF solarium at the Hôtel Madame Rêve, Paris

The former Post Office on Rue du Louvre in Paris’ 1st Arrondissement is undoubtedly the perfect new summer hotel in the city.
Yes, summer! Not only does it have private terraces in most of the rooms, but also a stunning rooftop terrace where you can enjoy a Bronzage Rapide while gazing out over the Paris skyline from gorgeous orange lounge chairs that could be on the deck of a private yacht.

Madame Reve Cafe

The interior design by Laurent Taieb emphasizes the elegance of the 70’s with materials such as elegant wood paneling, geometric patterns and modernist design. Book a table at ROOF for a sunny lunch in town and of course the best sunset.

Our selection for the Hôtel Madame Rêve from the Jasmin Khezri Collection: Veste Mustard, Palazzo pants,