Saffron. The latest power ingredient in our beauty products

Box in a mustard colour and different flowers arranged by Blumen die Leben. From left to right: a scent by Krigler and the golden Krokus Saffron elixir to use before the Velvet Nourishing cream with Saffron by Sisley.

One of the most precious herbs is saffron and a spice that many beauty companies have found benefits as a perfect skin care product. The restorative advantage of saffron has a long history of promoting a healthy skin and body.
IRMA selected a few products that combine skin care know-how with the healing effect of that powerful plant. How does that work?

In skin care, there are two forms of pure saffron: the essential oil and the dried herb. Dried forms of saffron are known for boosting immunity and supporting tissue production. With a spicy aroma, dried safflower yields reddish threads contains carotenoids with many beauty benefits. According to sources at the Global Healing Centre, studies show that carotenoids protect skin, tissue, and cells from external factors and disease. Both the essential oil and the dried form contain antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties and both the oil and the spice are known to improve dull complexions and dry skin.

Before you use any of these Saffron products, we suggest to make your own saffron and lavender facial steam bath.
Just infuse dried saffron and dried lavender blossoms with boiling hot water, cover with a towel and inhale your face with this sweet smelling steam bath. Once your pores are cleaned and open use these favourite products.

FLOWER TIPP:  We love to arrange some different yellow shade flower blossom in our bathroom to feel the warmth of the Saffron blossom and the yellow of sun rays making grey January days more illuminated

KORRES, GOLDEN KROCUS, Ageless Saffron Elexir

A golden serum infused with the immense antioxidant power of 1-day fresh Greek saffron to correct all signs of aging and bring back a facial glow to your skin.
Massage each morning and night a few golden drops onto cleansed skin for a youthful, radiant complexion. And speckle with your finger tips below your eyes during the day.

After that you might want to use:


With Saffron you can make your skin more resistant. The velvet nourishing cream by Sisley works day and night, providing double action. – During the day, buckwheat seed extract protects this vulnerable skin from oxydation – At night, Shea butter repairs and fortifies. Protected during the day and repaired at night, so the skin is more resistant.
The most effective ingredient,  Saffron flower extract soothes dry skin. The skin is comfortable and the complexion revived. The velvety texture and smell makes your skin instantly comfort it.
The skin is sheathed, tightened, appears lifted, and the face is less marked.

… and for your senses


Can a Saffron smell create a glow on your face? Yes, a very unique blend of oriental, spicy, woody amber, honey, oud, patchouli, saffron & sandalwood combination creates one of Perfumeurs Krigler most precious perfumes for man. This imperial fragrance is honouring the Royal Highness of Jordan.
Offering the crispness of crushed royal Asian oud, the sweetness of honey, and the warmth of saffron, amber, and sandalwood makes this masculine scent also a women’s Must Have. The smell of Saffron creates immediately a warm glow on your face and heart.