Road-Tripping IX. Prime time in France

We’ve told the story before; Road trips are the way to go.
Our travel companion is the new Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge, a first class car, spacious enough to be comfortable, fast and perfect for a road trip to la campagne in France and the capital Paris.

Jasmin Khezri and the Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge in front of the Chateau Chambord

The art of travelling and the luxury of travelling by car is evident. You go whenever you want, wherever you want.
Our trip started in Munich. We passed the beautiful Black Forest on our way to Burgundy, a lovely country strip in the côte-d’or of France, known for its world class wines and delicious food. Here we stayed overnight at the charming Hotel Le Cep in Beaune.

The park of the Chateau Gilly, Burgundy

Taking the road is great as the day seems to be losing its time. A break along a sunflower field or a coffee break in one of the small villages is already a holiday pleasure as soon as you start the engine. You decide if you like to go slow or fast. Stop or go on.

Our seconds stop at the Loire was the magnificent Chateau de Chambord where we stayed directly next to the castle at Relais de Chambord (read our story about it).

The car, the atmosphere and the stunning architecture of the 16th century chateau from King Francois I just seem to fit perfectly well together, even the fine grain, colour made a perfect match as heaven on earth.

After driving along the Loire, visiting antique shops and restaurants during the day, we loved the splendour of the chateau at night. After a few days we continued our journey to Paris.

At that moment you realize that France is focused on Paris. The autobahn changes its quality. The closer you get to Paris, the wider the streets get and they end in the beautiful boulevards of the Premiére Arrondissement, near Place Vendôme, where we stayed at the Mandarin Oriental Paris (read our story about it).

Jasmin Khezri and the Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge

Don’t think about putting the car in a garage and going from A to B with Uber. There’s something about sliding a Rolls through the streets of Paris. This car is not only a real eye-catcher, especially in this mesmerizing colour Arabic Blue, but these boulevards also seem made for a car of this style and elegance.
When we had dinner at Brasserie Lipp the owner insisted that we just park the car in front of the restaurant, almost in the middle of the street. The evening wasn’t even disturbed by the police asking to park the car elsewhere. A Rolls-Royce is almost a carte blanche in Paris and probably anywhere in the world.

Place Vendôme, Paris


Jasmin Khezri and the Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge in front of the Mandarin Oriental Paris


Hat and travel bag by Hermès

Many thanks to Rolls-Royce Motorcars for making our road trip to France as pleasurable as possible. We love the car and here are more facts, about it.