Botanic glow

You are meeting a woman and are immediately attracted by her energy- that is how Aly Korchemniy vibes.
No wonder, that this sparks interest in her six-year journey of passionately researching green beauty and clean formulations to create a premium-quality, moisturizing product that is pure and true. Our Editor -at- Large met Aly at the ANFISA headquarter and talked about the essence of skin care.

Aly Korchemniy, founder of ANFISA

IRMA: What was your biggest challenge in creating a skincare line?
ALY KORCHEMNITY: I would have to say the biggest challenge was creating a brand identity.

IRMA: Why should I invest in your skincare?
ALY KORCHEMNITY: LILOU Radiant Hydra-Balm is truly one of a kind. It was formulated to moisturize the skin and provide barrier repair regardless of skin type or concern, melting from a solid to a silky liquid as you massage it into your skin – absorbing flawlessly for a healthy, dewy glow.
Blooming with 21 botanical-based ingredients, 86 unique antioxidants, and nourishing oil that are high in linoleic acid, LILOU restores skin at the cellular level to reduce inflammation while regulating sebum levels. Science has shown us that linoleic acid inhibits 5a-reductase activity, which regulates (doesn’t act as a sebum retardant) sebum production.

ANFISA lilou

IRMA: Do people expect too much from skincare products?
ALY KORCHEMNITY: It depends on what you’re expecting from skincare products. Antioxidants, retinol, alpha-arbutin, salicylic acid, vitamin C can do so much topically. If you are trying to correct laxity in the skin, that might be better addressed with lets say a laser treatment versus topical skincare products. Managing expectations is truly key.

IRMA: How can skincare products REALLY improve your skin?
ALY KORCHEMNITY: For example, antioxidants help skin fight inflammation, wrinkles, and other signs of aging related to free radical damage — typically caused by sunlight (photodamage), pollution, environmental, and lifestyle stressors. Antioxidants can be absorbed topically, such as through the ANFISA Skin LILOU Radiant Hydra-Balm, and work at the molecular level to keep your dermis looking healthy and happy.
LILOU contains 86 unique antioxidants from 18 different plant-based sources. Our formula includes sustainable ingredients aglow with these age-defying wonders to help prevent and repair free radical damage and leave you with a glowing, dewy dermis.

Aly Korchemniy

IRMA: How do you deal with getting older as a woman?
ALY KORCHEMNITY: Aging is a privilege, now more than ever. I’m all about aging gracefully and am embracing each new decade with open arms.

IRMA: Did you learn something new about self-care during covid?
ALY KORCHEMNITY: I actually did. I learned that movement is truly medicine, and it helped me keep my sanity during the lockdown.

IRMA: What features about your face/body do you like, and what do you not like, but came to terms with?
ALY KORCHEMNITY: I’m 5’9 and have quite the short torso so God definitely blessed me with some long legs. But the short torso means any weight I gain goes straight to my lower belly, so I must be mindful of my diet.

IRMA: Any last secret tip for our skincare junkies?
ALY KORCHEMNITY: Yes! To maximize LILOU Radiant Hydra-Balm’s moisturizing, soothing, and healing properties, we advise that you apply it to damp skin. This is because balms, unlike creams, do not contain any water. Thus, they are activated by and absorb best into damp skin. Prior to application – spritz your skin with a toner, essence, mist, or rosewater. Then, massage half a pea’s worth of LILOU into your still-damp skin.