Road-Tripping III: Live your car!

After driving to the Austrian Alps in January we drove this time cross country towards Berlin for the Gallery Weekend and from there to a weekend in Sylt.

Starting the Road-Trip with the Maserati Ghibli in Munich.

Quite a tour for our latest road trip with the latest Maserati Ghibli GrandLusso, the more affordable of the Maserati Luxury Sports cars.


Flower shopping in Munich left my car with a beautiful smell before hitting the road to Berlin, Picnic basket by Hermès.


But I’ll tell you the benefits of traveling by car right away:

  1. Stop and go whenever you like. The tour is the journey and make sure to stop at places you have never been to before: Take time for a lunch-break on the way to Berlin or visit a museum which you normally would not stop by.
  2. Don’t worry about luggage, when traveling by car your trunk is your wardrobe and there is plenty of space for everything. The sporty Maserati Ghibli is totally suitable for an everyday use and has a surprisingly roomy trunk.
  3. Take the time and listen to your favourite audio book or to a speech from TED. Did you know that when you are very concentrated on one thing (driving) your mind absorbs knowledge much quicker and easier?
  4. Traveling through Germany by car is the best way to get to know the country. From the South far up to the Frisian Island of Sylt is a cultural, inspirational journey.
  5. Load up your car whenever you find something you want to take home with you. Might it be a piece of art from your favourite gallery at Gallery weekend in Berlin, some vintage furniture at your favourite dealer or maybe some typical northern delicatessens, like smoked eel, sealed it will be safe to take back home.
  6. ……and when you arrive back in Munich make your first stop an espresso at Maserati Odeonsplatz, a perfect welcome to feel back home in southern Germany.


1st Stop Berlin and a coffee at Soho House. Foulard by Hermès.


Some of my art work was exhibited at this year’s Paper Positions Berlin by Kunkel Fine Art Gallery during the Berlin Gallery weekend. I am fascinated and inspired by shapes and forms, like the curve of the roof from the Maserati Ghibli.


One of my works next to a great drawing by Karl Hubbuch (1930) at  Paper Positions Berlin by Kunkel Fine Art Gallery..


Quite a contrast of simply everything when arriving on the island of Sylt coming from Berlin. Jasmin wears a jacket by SportMax, silk bag by Hermès.


It’s all about contrast. An Italian car on a Frisian island.


The perfection of a logo. How sad that you can’t listen to the sound 🙂


First stop (after changing from sneakers into heels 😉) at the in-house espresso bar at Maserati Odeonsplatz. They have a special service to have your car serviced and groomed after a long trip, naturalmente!


Jasmin drives the Maserati Ghibli GranLusso from Munich to Berlin and Sylt. She wears a coat by Max Mara, satin kitten heels by Hermès, Sunglasses by Linda Frarrow, Constance bag by Hermès.


Thank you Maserati Germany for providing us with the Maserati Ghibli GrandLusso.