Copy the French Girl: hand-painted basket by IRMA

The basket collection by IRMA

Remember the image of Jane Birkin, wearing a T-Shirt and jeans, with a straw basket in her hand, walking down La Croisette in Cannes ?
That image was and is the definition of pure summer. Not only of her hair blowing nonchalantin the wind but also that little innocent straw basket at her arm makes this picture an “It”.

This is not the only reason why we launched the IRMA hand painted basket collection right in time for the summer. A basket is a perfect hand and shopping bag whether you are hitting the beach or going to your next business appointment in town. A straw basket is a statement which says, I just love summer, nature, raw materials and regarding IRMA, a unique illustration on my bag.

A basket can make a simple business suit look cool and a tweed blazer on a chilly, early summer day still very I am always at the beachkind of statement.

A basket is easy to handle, and you can add your favourite hand bag to it and it gives a cool touch to that it bagas well. To make it short, it is an allrounder, which is hand painted in two different styles by the illustration artist Jasmin Khezri on demand. Buy here

This artist project will last all summer and comes in different sizes. More to come.

Have a look at our shop, we ship worldwide and it takes up to 7 working days to create your basket.




Zoe grew up in Germany. Became a lawyer in Düsseldorf, fell in love with a film maker from NYC and left Europe to follow her heart. Zoe is working as a script writer in New York City, giving inspirational artistic counselling for artists, PR stories, photo shoots etc. . Zoe published two books, hosted a TV show, and is always open to any new experience that feeds her hunger for beauty and love. Zoe lives in New York City together with Rhett Butler, her Egyptian Sphinx cat.

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