Resort 2021 Trends to prolong your Summer 2020

Looking at new collections makes us wonder where and when to get dressed, go out, travel the world … again. We will see. There is always enough room for dreams and planning ahead gets us into a joyful mood.
Here we are, selecting eight trends from the Resort 2021 collection we can buy soon and be inspired to put on immediately.

Red is always new and wearing something red whether it is lipstick or a new dress (Isabel Marent), it remains a colour that cheers you up.
Our basket collection is made to be carried around all year long. Stay in a summer mood with our latest padded and closable carry all baskets , embellished with Maison Pierre Frey material.


Keep that bronzed skin and take off your cloths for a suntan all year round in the privacy of your balcony or garden. Even a couple of minutes in the sun boosts your energy and mood and bronzed skin will be you best beauty accessory all year round.


Pearls in all kind of designs will be also something we will wear all year long. Bottega Veneta creates a nice material mix with ribbon, yarn and wild fine pearls that remind us of a day fishing at the shores of Capri.


Rokh shows us that tights in sandals can look sexy and cool. Play with proportion and choose opaque tights and knee hight socks to keep you warm this autumn.


Padded and quilted jackets (Isabel Marent) are the best . You can wear them as a jacket on warmer autumn days or beneath your winter coat and besides they give a nice artisanal vibe to your wardrobe, something which we will look out for this season.


Some might say that a caftan (Oscar de la Renta) is strictly for the beach but we think they work as well in the city and all year round. Wear them with sneakers or boots and do not be intimidated by bright colours and summer stripes.


Of course, no socks in moccasins! And if you can add some colour. We like Bottega Veneta´s new shiny purple version.


Choose a summer coloured wrist band (Piaget) for your watch this winter season. It is a great contrast to warm colours and gives your skin a glow.
Besides reminiscence of summer always comes to your mind when checking your time on a grey and rainy day.