Back to School Collection by IRMA

We created a back to school collection that makes you want to go back to school and learn. Although it might be different after this summer, we like to give you all the fun and comfort of getting back to your routine.

Back to school” IRMA Mini Basket
“Back to school” IRMA Mini Basket
“Back to school” IRMA Mini Basket

The Mini Baskets by IRMA are embellished by hand with fabric collages of different animal artwork, created by illustration artist Jasmin Khezri. Each basket is unique. And because these are challenging times for families, we would like to give you a little gift when you buy the basket. To make you smile. An IRMA exercise book.

Our gift to you: the IRMA exercise book.


The baskets come in a limited edition and are 100% sustainable.



Our new embroidered soft cotton sweatshirts are comfortable to wear for work, school and leisure. They are embroidered in Bavaria with our signature Illustration artwork and come in various colour combinations.

Embroidered Art Sweatshirt

The IRMA canvas bag in ink blue and red is a perfect carry all and strong enough to hold your school books, groceries or laptop.




All items are available in our shop and please send us a mail if you have further questions.