Prepping Winter Hair

Here comes IRMA’s guide on how to care for your hair after summer.
To prepare for the winter days, hair and scalp need to be cared for as well as the skin. We found all products at niche-beauty-com.


Shampoo your hair, then pour black coffee over it (2 cups for long hair). Work into the hair and comb out to the ends. Then rinse quickly under cold water. Add a mask from ORIBE, massage the mask into the hair and the ends, then rinse the hair with Gold Lust, the transformative mask from ORIBE, and gently pat dry.



Use hair accessories like make-up. A coloured hair bow, a golden comb or a golden barrette will make your hair shine and shine and complement your whole look. We love hair accessories from Lelet New York.



If you want to travel light, take fewer products, but choose ones that have a double rich component so they work well. I recommend an extra rich shampoo and a rich mask. Rinse with conditioner as both products are loaded with rich ingredients.



If you wash your hair almost daily but don’t want to dry it out with too much shampoo, simply use a mild but thoughtful combination of ingredients in a conditioner. We recommend John Master Organics with Lavender and Avocado.



Scrub your scalp and gently run through your hair at least once a week to get rid of dirt and dried skin cells. The massage also stimulates blood flow to the scalp and promotes hair growth. We like Christophe Robin, Cleansing purifying scrub, which you can also use on your body.



After shampooing, use a special brush like the Tangle Teezer, a detangling brush that smoothes wet hair without straining it too much. Let the hair mostly air dry and brush it through again before blow drying. This method makes it easier to straighten frizzy hair and protects it from too much heat. After drying, put your hair in a chignon and tie it loosely with one of our scrunchies to create a soft wave.



You should change your shampoo, conditioner and mask from time to time. The hair like the skin needs different ingredients for different weather conditions. So sometimes the hair responds better to the ingredients if you change the routine and product from time to time.