Power of well beeing

I meet Maria Mercedes Kohl, the founder of VIS RADIX , a special alternative health shop in Munich, where she presents alternative health and mind-smoothing products and concepts she has come up with in a modern, curated way.
We chat about her future business ideas and why a healthy lifestyle is essential.


IRMA: What was the initial concept behind VIS RADIX?
MARIA-MERCEDES KOHL: VIS RADIX essentially translates to the power of the root. The concept originated between my sister Cosima and me, driven by our desire to establish a personal space for our products. These products, deeply rooted in nature, are designed to assist individuals on their journey towards a healthy, self-regulating life. VIS RADIX serves as a platform for idea exchange, fostering connections, and providing a space for experimentation. It’s where we can share our enthusiasm for tinctures, naturopathy, beauty essentials, and unique items with our customers.

IRMA: How do you curate the selection of health and well-being products for your store?
MARIA-MERCEDES KOHL: My approach is highly intuitive. I initially focus on our own products and tinctures, building the rest of the selection around them. This includes candles infused with medicinal herbs, soap with a stone-like appearance, facial steam baths, and Himalayan salt stones. I prioritize offering products that encourage individuals to consciously take time for themselves—moments that detach them from screens. The aim is to provide items that support the skin’s natural balance and activate the body’s inherent healing mechanisms. Coming from a fashion background, I retain an appreciation for aesthetics, integrating it into VIS RADIX because I believe a beautiful environment significantly contributes to well-being.


IRMA: Growing up in a family with a strong emphasis on health, given your father’s role as a well-known alternative practitioner and founder of St Johanser, how did this upbringing shape you?
MARIA-MERCEDES KOHL: My parents instilled in us the importance of values and an awareness of the profound impact of high-quality food and lifestyle on our bodies and health. We sourced vegetables exclusively from our own garden, learned to align with the natural rhythm of seasons, and utilized the power of herbs for minor ailments. These lessons, though perhaps not always exciting as a child, are deeply appreciated as an adult. I’m pleased to see a trend back toward this ancient knowledge, with people becoming increasingly open to it.


IRMA: How does the philosophy of healthy living influence your personal life?
MARIA-MERCEDES KOHL: I strongly believe in the interconnectedness of body, mind, and soul. Life isn’t always linear, and personal experience has taught me the importance of listening to our bodies, being attuned to our feelings, and deliberately incorporating breaks. I embrace the idea of decluttering, finding it beneficial and easily integrable into everyday life.

IRMA: What can clients anticipate from VIS RADIX in the future?
MARIA-MERCEDES KOHL: Beyond our product range, we aim to deepen our engagement with customers. We plan to host monthly lecture evenings and workshops where experts discuss health topics or customers can create personalized facials. Additionally, my ongoing homeopathic training program will introduce alternative traditional treatments into VIS RADIX, enriching the offerings.

IRMA: Do you foresee health products becoming an integral part of modern lifestyle?
MARIA-MERCEDES KOHL: Absolutely. With life becoming increasingly fast-paced and presenting constant challenges, it’s crucial to carve out moments of rest and consciously integrate them into our lives. Products that demand time for application are suitable for this purpose—allowing individuals to reconnect with themselves, strengthen their roots, and foster a sense of well-being.

IRMA: Is there a particular book that has been pivotal in your career or appreciation of a healthy lifestyle?
MARIA-MERCEDES KOHL: Growing up with a health-conscious mindset, there wasn’t a specific book that served as a turning point for me. However, I’ve always been drawn to old books on phytotherapy. At our company, Infirmarius, we’re fortunate to have an extensive collection of old medicinal books and recipes. Spending hours immersed in this world or exploring our medicinal plant garden is a constant source of inspiration. I encourage everyone to explore the plants in their surroundings—they hold incredible power.

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Steinstraße 27
81667 München

Telefon: 089 / 21 89 02 38

Mail: info[at]st-johanser.de