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When you are a painter or illustrator, you should get a little change in your tools from time to time. As with everything in life, a new little something can change a lot. When Zoe Warncke, our guest editor from NYC, found the art supply shop PIGMENT in Tokyo, there was no doubt that she will start sketching soon and that IRMA will rethink the colours she will wear soon. Zoe spoke to Daichi Iitsuka of Pigment.

ZOE WARNCKE: What should you definitely check out at your store?
TAICHI IITSUKA: The over 4,200 colors of pigments on the wall.

ZOE WARNCKE: What is the color most sold in color pigments?
TAICHI IITSUKA: A blue called „Organic Gunjo“, made by azurite mineral. Very rare.

ZOE WARNCKE: Irma is an illustrated character… what technique should Jasmin, Irma’s creator, try out to sketch her, or what new tools should she try out?
TAICHI IITSUKA: Try our antique Japanese glass pen for a different touch.

ZOE WARNCKE: Is there a certain trend/fashion noticeable in selling art supplies, like pastels in winter, acrylic colors in summer… ?
TAICHI IITSUKA: No trend like that. Only the total quantity of sales grows in early spring for the beginning of the new school season and in summer to prepare exhibitions for the fall season.

ZOE WARNCKE: What gift can I pick up at your store that would make someone happy who thinks he/she has no talent for painting/arts?
TAICHI IITSUKA: Beautifully curved ink sticks. Even if he/she does not use it to paint, it has a certain degree of quality as a piece of craftsmanship. Some of them are antique.

ZOE WARNCKE: Which workshop do you not have on offer yet but want to in the future?
TAICHI IITSUKA: Traditional art framing in Japanese, Italian or French style!

Zoe grew up in Germany. Became a lawyer in Düsseldorf, fell in love with a film maker from NYC and left Europe to follow her heart. Zoe is working as a script writer in New York City, giving inspirational artistic counselling for artists, PR stories, photo shoots etc. . Zoe published two books, hosted a TV show, and is always open to any new experience that feeds her hunger for beauty and love. Zoe lives in New York City together with Rhett Butler, her Egyptian Sphinx cat.

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