COUTURE PARIS: eco-conscious elegance


Lush green gardens, water lily ponds, blue skies, the garden of Monsieur Christian Dior, spider webs and calmness are the words that come to mind when looking at this season’s haute couture shows in Paris so far this week.

Before the Dior show, the guests were gathering in the gardens in front of the Musée Rodin just like at the private garden of Monsieur Christian Dior would have loved it. Karl Lagerfeld used wood chips instead of pearls, recycled paper and wild cotton for his dresses coming in cocoon shapes ,walking in complete calmness like being in a Japanese Zen garden.

Versace used wildlife inspiration like the black spider web dress and girls were wearing their hair loose and wild at Armani Privé and Schiaparelli. It was so far a spectacle of the wild and eco conscious and isn’t haute couture meant to last a lifetime? Yes, indeed.

The day continued with appointments at Chanel Joaillerie, Boucheron where Haute Joaillerie of wild animals and luscious flowers cut in vibrant coloured diamonds made our hearts beat faster.