Pierre Frey Creative Talk with Catherine Pierlovisi

Following the Maison &Objet fair in Paris, we paid a visit to Maison Pierre Frey located at rue de l’abbé Groult, where a vibrant atmosphere envelops the team as they work on current collections and craft mood boards for forthcoming ones, all under the stewardship of Monsieur Patrick Frey. We engaged in a dialogue with Catherine Pierlovisi, one of the four designers on his team, renowned fabric designer and artist who has been an integral part of the Maison for many years, offering us insights into her creative process.


IRMA: What are your initial thoughts when embarking on designing a collection?
CATHERINE PIERLOVISI: I rely heavily on intuition when commencing a collection, embracing a sense of freedom in my approach. Inspiration may stem from an array of sources, be it an image, motif, or artistic creation. The essence lies in eliciting surprise, evoking visual emotions, accentuating craftsmanship, and the innovative essence of expertise, thereby crafting a narrative that resonates.

New fabric styles at Maison Pierre Frey

IRMA: How do you refine your ideas? Is there a particular method or process you employ to bring coherence to your concepts?
CATHERINE PIERLOVISI: The creation of a mood board marks the initial phase in shaping a collection. It serves as a repository of ideas and impactful visuals that inform the palette of colors, materials, and textures, some of which evolve into the narrative’s main elements.

Catherine Pierlovisi, Directrice de collection at Maison Pierre Frey

IRMA: Once the collection is completed, do you envision various objects, spaces, or interiors?
CATHERINE PIERLOVISI: The textile collection’s design is embedded within a broader concept, making it challenging to conceive of it in isolation from the accompanying decor. I gravitate towards craftsmanship, natural materials, and diverse forms of creativity, integrating ceramics, sculpture, painting, and design as integral components of the ambiance.

Samples at Maison Pierre Frey

IRMA: Could you share a recurring source of inspiration that resonates with you?
CATHERINE PIERLOVISI: Paris is replete with inspiration, yet I find myself drawn to the Musée du Quai Branly, an endless reservoir of creative stimuli, and Montmartre, where I seek solace and rejuvenation.

Maison Pierre Frey

IRMA: What fuels your inspiration for future endeavors?
CATHERINE PIERLOVISI: The exuberant spirit of the 70s, characterized by its unfettered freedom of expression, warm hues, and sinuous furniture, remains a perennial source of joy and artistic generosity.

Mood board at Maison Pierre Frey


Moods at Maison Pierre Frey

IRMA: Do you have any other favorite museums or art galleries in Paris?
CATHERINE PIERLOVISI: Les Arts Décoratifs, Le Palais de Tokyo, Beaubourg, Le Louvre, and the art galleries of Le Marais hold a special place in my heart.

Maison Pierre Frey


Samples at Maison Pierre Frey
Jasmin Khezri from IRMASWORLD at Maison Pierre Frey