The books I keep looking at

Certain books hold a lasting presence in my mind, encompassing both new discoveries and treasures unearthed in antiquarian bookstores, their pages whispering tales of times gone by. This eclectic mix serves as a catalyst for my creative endeavors, sparking inspiration across a spectrum of pursuits. While many align with my profession in the visual arts, each tome shares a common thread: they showcase the diverse styles of creatives who have carved out unique signatures, serving as boundless wellsprings of creativity.


“MOROCCO: Kingdom of Light” (Assouline)
Transporting readers on a mesmerizing journey through Morocco’s enchanting landscapes, this book curated by Oliver Pilcher, accompanied by insights from Moroccan writer and musician Ariel Wizman, celebrates the cultural tapestry and architectural splendor that have captivated artists and wanderers since Delacroix’s time.

“MOROCCO: Kingdom of Light” (Assouline)
“MOROCCO: Kingdom of Light” (Assouline)

“SCHIAPARELLI & PRADA: Impossible Conversations” (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Despite never crossing paths, the parallel narratives of Miuccia Prada and Elsa Schiaparelli converge in this compelling exploration of fashion’s evolution. Offering a dialogue between two visionary designers, this volume, a follow-up to the acclaimed Alexander McQueen retrospective, illuminates the creative process and the interplay of ideas through their distinct collections.

SCHIAPARELLI & PRADA: Impossible Conversations


“A TOUCH OF STYLE” by Carlos Mota (Assouline)
When inspiration wanes within the confines of home, Carlos Mota’s exquisite flower arrangements emerge as transformative elements. Through captivating imagery, Mota, renowned for his discerning eye in top design publications, invites readers on a curated journey through spaces adorned with curated selections of furniture, textiles, and art.

“A TOUCH OF STYLE” by Carlos Mota


“BRODOVITCH: Master of American Design” by Andy Grundberg (Abrams)
Exploring the life and legacy of Alexey Brodovitch, the pioneering graphic designer whose innovative approach revolutionized fashion publications, this study delves into his lasting impact on the design profession. As a model for modern art direction, Brodovitch’s influence resonates in the dynamic, elegant layouts that defined American fashion during his tenure at Harper’s Bazaar.

BRODOVITCH: Master of American Design” by Andy Grundberg


“TIM WALKER: Pictures”, (teNeues)
A testament to Tim Walker’s whimsical vision, this book offers an intimate glimpse into the creative process of the esteemed fashion photographer. From fantastical themes to surreal settings, “Pictures” showcases Walker’s ability to infuse glamour and adventure into every frame, offering a fresh perspective on art and storytelling.

TIM WALKER: Pictures