Paint it


LONDON: The resort collection is already there and I am more than happy that winter somehow still feels far away or maybe we can skip it altogether. It feels like spring outside with unusually warm temperatures and it made me start drawing on my shoes last weekend when I was sitting outside in my garden, looking at these black classic booties which seemed to be missing something.

Flowers came to my mind and I tried some acrylic painted flowers on these black leather shoes. The good thing is that the acrylic paint can be washed down if it does not look right but when it looks good I can only wear my new painted shoes when it’s dry outside.

However, it was great fun and I continued on belts and bags but today I think I might have overdone it a little bit. Just use only one painted item when putting your outfit together or if you do not feel like taking the brush into your hands just order the nice flowery designs online today.


If you want to paint on silk or cotton, you can buy special paint which is available for these materials.

Shoes should be dry and stuffed with silk paper when painting on them to get a better, straighter surface and the material should be stretched so it is tight and even.



Bottega Veneta