Olivia Lopez. Home Alone. A Travel Blogger in the times of Covid-19

What does Olivia Lopez, a blogger and writer from New York with a strong interest in design and art do during the corona crises?
We had a chat with Olivia Lopez who has her own inspiring blog, and also a travel account on IG @bonweekender. Olivia normally travels the world, is the author of @lustforlosangeles and is currently at her parents’ house in Los Angeles.

IRMA: How did you start “Lust for Life? And what was your initial concept?
OLIVIA LOPEZ: Lust for Life started out as a creative outlet to document weekend travels and sartorial inspiration.

IRMA: Have you always been interested in design, travel and fashion? How did your journey about these topics develop?
OLIVIA LOPEZ: I grew up surrounded by architecture and design in Southern California, but it didn’t dawn on me until my early 20s that I wanted to pursue a career around it. I grew up going to Palm Springs, which influenced my interest in the case study architectural movement and spent all my weekends visiting pre-fabs and modernist homes. Later I studied Art History at Sotheby’s while I contributed photography and writing to art and design magazines, and it evolved from there.

Olivia Lopez

IRMA: What is your personal tip on going on, starting your days with enthusiasm in times of crises and uncertainty?
OLIVIA LOPEZ: Every morning I start my day with “Morning Pages” which helps me debrief what I have going on in my head. I set boundaries with the news, give gratitude for the comforts that I do have at this time, and stay connected to friends and family to help ease feelings of anxiety and uncertainty.

IRMA: What has been your creative education and how, if so do you profit from your creative side in times of Covid-19?
OLIVIA LOPEZ: As all projects surrounding creative production are cancelled during quarantine, I’m focusing on personal writing at this time. I’m also updating my portfolio, learning to play the piano, and watching old films to stay inspired.

IRMA: Did you change things in your house during quarantine?
OLIVIA LOPEZ: I’m unfortunately not able to go home during quarantine.

Olivia Lopez

IRMA: How important is communication for you when not being social. Maybe virtual social, how do you stay tuned?
OLIVIA LOPEZ: I schedule Zoom and FaceTime calls with friends and keep up the daily banter in my group texts.

IRMA: You work in fashion, travel and art, all these sections are on hold at the moment. How do you continue to be at the top of these topics?
OLIVIA LOPEZ: I try to support all the fashion brands I’ve engaged with year-round with #WFH (work from home) content, I’ve been posting a series of Arm Chair Travel on my travelogue, @BonWeekender on my favourite destinations, and tuning into films for inspiration for a visual escape.

Olivia Lopez

IRMA: Over the years you have developed a very unique visual language, what was/ is your guideline?
OLIVIA LOPEZ: It’s actually quite organic, and I try to translate my particular emotion to the images I capture. One thing people often ask is how I stay consistent with my editing — I don’t. I don’t have a specific editing process, everything I shoot and publish is conducive to how I felt or saw the scene at the time.

IRMA: Your favourite spot in LA to breath and be by yourself?
OLIVIA LOPEZ: This place is not necessarily in LA but in Southern California, I love the Noguchi Garden. It’s a hidden respite in the middle of the city.

Olivia Lopez

IRMA: The place you miss most these days and will stop by once the ‚ stay home time is over.
OLIVIA LOPEZ: I can’t wait to visit my favourite restaurant, MhZh, @mhzh.la with my best friends once quarantine is over.