Be your own Beauty Therapist

By now you might miss your preferred beauty treatment from your most favoured brand but why not learn more about a new skin care concept, invest in a new range of products and learn how to do a facial treatment at home. It is actually much fun and you can try things differently. Alter the ritual to make it perfect for you.

We met the founders of TEAM DR JOSEPH who put together a treatment kit for a wonderful skin care ritual at home, done by you.

We have chosen TEAM DR JOSEPH because we think that natural skin care is more important than ever. Especially in times of self-quarantine your skin wants natural ingredients with the most effective impact, a fusion of high-tech and nature. TEAM DR JOSEPH is a brand founded in 1986 in South-Tyrol. Highly effective and natural active ingredients are the key elements for their success. The founder, Dr. Joseph Franz, developed not only a profound knowledge and passion for the world of plants but due to an accident at an early age he looked for holistic answers, functional formulations and also natural treatment methods that achieve self-contained, healthy and self-healing skin.

By now his sons, Viktor and Fabian and his daughter Lena are also involved in the business and today they are an established high-tech, natural cosmetic manufacturer and a professional and award-winning Spa partner.

Follow IRMA on her experience of a self-skin care treatment.


Make your bathroom a perfect place to enjoy your facial. Room temperature should be perfect for you, if possible, the room should have natural light when you do your treatment during the day. For night treatments you need a good light around the mirror and atmospheric light by scented candles in the room.

Have some towels and washable on hand, if possible pre-heated and easy in reach. Your favourite tea by VITALIS DR JOSEPH or cooling water with some cucumber beside and a comfortable stool with a cushion. Have all your products lined up in the right order in front of you. If you like some music or ambient sounds push play now.


  1. Daily Cleansing Milk
  2. Gentle Clarifying Enzyme Peel
  3. Intense Revitalizing Mask
  4. Daily Vitalizing Eye Treatment
  5. Ultra Hydration Serum
  6. Ultra Intense Moisturizing Cream
  7. Balancing Sweet Dreams Tea by VITALS DR JOSEPH



Make skin cleansing your favourite beauty ritual and use the warmth and pressure of your own fingers not only to cleanse but also to massage the combination of valuable plant extracts of the cleansing milk into your skin pores. The warmth of your fingertips created by the massage movements open the pores for the next cleansing step.


This enzyme peel for sensitive skin made out of papaya and pineapple extract gives your skin almost a renewal effect by gently removing dead skin cells. Take away the peel with a fine linen cloths and warm water. The fruity fragrance gives this ritual a natural freshness and prep for the mask to follow.


You will want to use this mask on a daily basis as it helps to increase the oxygen content of your skin cells and the natural plant extracts will boost your skin glow.

I like to tap my skin with my fingertips or treat it with my Gua`Sha mineral stones before applying the mask which will make the ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin.

The refreshing effect of this mask is especially useful in spring and while spending a lot of time indoors.


Before applying this eye cream, I use the tea sachets filled with BALANCING SWEET DREAMS TEA by VITALIS DR JOSEPH which I have prepared before and are cooled off by now. They are a perfect prep to add the vitalizing and slightly draining effect eye treatment.

If you like you can store this treatment in the refrigerator to make it cooling around the eyes.


To conclude your self-treatment finish with the ultra-hydrating serum made with very functional and effective ingredients to moisturize and strengthen the skin.

This serum is especially useful for dehydrated skin which you get unfortunately from staying indoors.


This cream gives your skin a soft and glowing finish. Your skin looks plump, glows and feels very smooth and soft. No make-up is necessary, and you just want to leave your natural, rosy skin as it is after that treatment.

If you like, take a silk sleeping mask and rest for 20 minutes.

The good thing about at home facials is that you get better with every session and you can do up to three sessions a week or even more. If you have more time use a massaging tool, for example the Hayou stones by Katie Brindle or your hands for an extra massage time.
Learn about your pressure points.

If you have the time to prepare ice water in your sink use it in between procedures and dry your skin with preheated soft towels.

Finish your ritual with a cup of VITALIS DR JOSEPH Balancing Sweet Dream Tea which makes you dream of the TEAM DR JOSEPH herb gardens in South-Tyrol.

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