Not just today, dear Valentine

Chocolate boxes and flower bouquets for Valentine’s Day, why not?
But why only on this day and why only for lovers? Let’s change things up a bit and use this day as an opportunity to treat yourself and your loved ones to something special. Not just to celebrate love, but to be happy and grateful for loving and being loved.

Enjoy our selection of special gifts with a handmade touch.

Hand painted vintage 1980 Louis Vuitton Speedy bag by IRMA, from the ISETAN exhibition, Tokyo. (Get a Quote)


Hand crocheted cardigan in organic cotton with trumpet sleeves and buttons in jolie red. (more)


Hand-painted IRMA dinner plate, perfect as a decorative plate for fruit and snacks or as an artsy addition to your beautifully laid table. (more)


This could be the first piece in your spring wardrobe, our rosy cotton blouse with a round collar and light puff sleeves for a feminine silhouette, perfect with denim. (more)


Jewels do not have to sparkle. These special pieces will adorn your hair and body and add a special touch to your look. (more)


This pink and red round collar is hand crocheted with three yarns for an extra firm hold to keep your shoulders and neck warm, while looking chic and elegant with this artisan collar to wear over coats, jackets and jumpers.


A treasure chest for your jewellery, money or simply found objects that deserve a special place. In collaboration with Schönbuch and irmasworld. (more)


Still chilly outside but keep cool with our hand crocheted hats. (more)


Wearable art with this hand-painted cotton canvas bag, one of a kind by IRMA.


How do you wear it? However you like. This hand-painted Louis Vuitton bag will turn heads.(Get a Quote)