Nine ways to make cooking more fun in the weeks to come


Your kitchen supplies might be responsible for your mood in the next weeks. After already six weeks of cooking and food shopping we will go on and found some very fun and of course colourful kitchen supplies that makes it all easier. Here we go:



Get things organized in objects designed for our latest collaboration with Schönbuch. The Bowl IRMA Art Edition is perfect to store dried herbs and spices and the Tray Little IRMA Art Edition makes a serving tray and at the same time a piece of art in your home.
Colorful Little Trays by Schönbuch and Tally Boxes to place your fruits and vegetables on your kitchen table come in different sizes.



Remember, you should eat at least five different colours a day. Here we go and start with red and green. Looking beautiful in their Tally boxes by Schönbuch in red and green.



This sustainable kitchen concept is custom made in Austria by Popstahl in the measurements you request and the colour shade you like. It lasts a lifetime and in the end it is recyclable. Foto©Anton Brandl



These Mini Le Creuset Casserole pots are not only lovely to look at in these relaxing blue shades, they are practical as you can put everything inside, let it cook and once it’s finished serve it straight in the pot. Perfect for soups, appetizers and pot cakes.



Any kind of green salad looks grand on a vintage plate. Buy them at flea markets from your antique dealer or borrow them from your grandparents. They make every dish look special.



When in doubt, stay with one colour and we love to use the Tally Boxes by Schönbuch everywhere around the apartment from kitchen, bathroom to office space.



When shopping, have a look at our IRMA Basket collection, they are 100% sustainable, made in Portugal and Germany and are unique with a hand drawn IRMA illustration. Available in our shop



Use our 100 % Cotton shopper for bread storage and place it right into your kitchen shelf for a colourful decoration. Cotton Shopper



As all bars are currently closed be creative when serving your favourite drinks. I chose these glass tumblers found at the Emporio Le Sirenuse in Positano and placed it on a vintage porcelain plate.

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