Be inspired by a new book. The New Traditional by gestalten

Photo by Giuseppe Nucci, The New Traditional, gestalten 2020

It is about time to dedicate life to craft. At least that is what a younger generation is about to do right now. Whether it is sewing face masks, coming up with creative food-to-go concepts or home-made bread baking.

Modern life seems to be less manual, which brings traditions at risk to disappear. But the more they seem to vanish, a group of young talented craftsmen are taking this heritage to the next level, and maybe that is also the one good thing Corona is responsible for: to slow down, to start something new.

The book The New Traditional by publishing house gestalten and BESIDE introduces you to a new way of living your life by a kind of work that has meaning and passion to follow.

From the female free divers of South Korea to the Spanish industrial designer repurposing PET bottles with a traditional artisan edge, individuals across the world are dedicating themselves to preserving and reinventing crafts on the edge of extinction.

Through either breathing new life in Greenlandic weaving or adding a fresh voice to specialist sake making, The New Traditional is an ode to devoted craftsmanship, that might be also an inspiration for a new way of life, or at least something we should rather consume in the future.



The most authentic, traditional Tattoo Artist in the world, Whang-Od Oggay is the last traditional tattoo artist from the old generation in the Kalinga region in the northern Philippines. This international acclaimed tattooist has single-handedly ensured the survival of her generation’s art for the next generation. Photo by Fred Wissink, The New Traditional, gestalten 2020.


The Spanish industrial designer Alvaro Catalan de Ocón combines modern industrial processes with traditional artisanal techniques to take both beyond their limitations and create a green kind of craftmanship. Photo by Erea Azurmendi and Adrian Cano, The New Traditional, gestalten 2020.


Sheep herders – how beloved centuries – old traditions of rounding up sheep in Europe bring communities together. Photo by Rebecca Stumpf, The New Traditional, gestalten 2020.


Come to the table, return to the source. Jeim Denevan, the creator of Outstanding in the Field – which brings the entire table to the farm- wants to make you a little uncomfortable (and give your food a lot more meaning). Photo by Simone Anne, The New Traditional, gestalten 2020.


Remaking the world by one globe at a time. How Peter Bellery’s London Globe making workshop strives to carry on a tradition that nobody even noticed had gone missing. Photo by Sebastian Böttcher, The New Traditional, gestalten 2020.



The New Tradional, gestalten & BESIDE