New series: Setting tables. Part 1

What more do you need to welcome your friends to your home for a glass of Chablis? An impressive tablecloth, a natural candle to create a warm glow and a few garden herbs to remind you of late summer. Of course, a selection of French cheeses and some homemade bread is a good addition. Today we start our new series: Setting tables.


Mostly the kitchen, but why not transform your hall or hallway with a long table and just candlelight. Or a library full of books you want to share with your friends. Forget dining rooms, we need a change, even a balcony or garden corner with candles or a fireplace is a good option when it is cold outside, just have some warm blankets around and water bottles wrapped in lambskin.

Make sure you make an impression. A tablecloth can be like a piece of art that enhances the room. We chose the FREDA Arc-En-Ciel linen fabric from La Maison Pierre Frey, a bright, graphic, full-colour abstract print. Its palette and the breadth of its composition are a modern reminder of Orphism, the artistic movement of the 1910s, which perfectly matches our bookcase by Mr Dieter Rahms.

Recently I have been using a lot of herbs instead of flowers. They not only look decorative, they also have a natural fragrance. Although out of season, basil is always a good choice as it lifts the mood, or salve and rosemary all year round for a more calming effect.


By Oberflacht, a German company that creates artisanal, natural beeswax candles in handcrafted, sculptural shapes and evocative colours. We spoke to one of the founders, Tobias Markus, about their signature candles, which make quite an impression.

IRMA: How long does it take to make the candles?
TOBIAS MARKUS: Depending on the shape and size, it can take up to several hours to make a candle.

IRMA: What is the most difficult part of the production?
TOBIAS MARKUS: The trickiest part of the production is getting the timing of the different steps right and getting the beeswax at the right temperature.

IRMA: How important is it to use natural beeswax in your interior?
TOBIAS MARKUS: We all strive to use natural materials in our daily lives. Beeswax is the oldest and most precious material used to make candles.

IRMA: How did you come up with the design and idea?
TOBIAS MARKUS: We have always loved candles and the feeling they give.
It started with wanting to create a black beeswax cone candle, for which we had to find the right formula for colouring the naturally yellow beeswax.
Our sculptural candle objects were the result of experimenting with the wax, different techniques and colours. And so the visual landscape and the idea of Oberflacht began to grow.

IRMA: What inspires you in your work?
TOBIAS MARKUS: Our work is very much inspired by the nature of raw materials and the way they are made into objects, art and fashion by hand.

IRMA: Burning time?
TOBIAS MARKUS: All of our Sculptured beeswax candles have slightly different burn times due to the variations in shape.
Beeswax generally burns longer than any other wax used in candle making.

Candle by Oberflacht