My new classic Carré, washed by Hermès


A classic and a must-have, the Hermès Carré, now gets restyled by its creator. What a fabulous idea we thought when we received the invitation to bring our favorite Hermès silk scarf to the pop-up HermèsMatic at Munich’s Türkenstrasse  67.

A laundromat all in orange, of course with machines ready to dip dye your silk careé, which might be more suitable to your autumn wardrobe in a new colour.

Also be inspired by their new silk scarfs, mini bows, twillys and maxi-twillys and receive styling tips by the house crew, making your new coloured Carré the most wanted item in your wardrobe  this autumn.

How does it work?

Get a styling consultancy and find out which colour suits you best. Pick the matching colour machine and after the scarf is dyed, it will be sensitively dried so it does not lose its silky softness. After 48 hours you will receive your new Hermès Carré in an orange wrapped box ready to take home.

This metamorphosis is of no charge and guaranteed fun, and only between October 7th and 22nd. The HermèsMatic pop-up concept will travel further to Kyoto, Strasbourg and Amsterdam.


IRMA’s TIPS before you are considering dying your scarf:

If you are not sure whether you want to dye your favorite Carré, get a second-hand original one, for example at Vestiaire Collective. Even if the pattern is not your favorite, no worries, the colour will make a big change.

Rethink your Carré and wear it differently this season, maybe exactly matching the same colour of your favorite camel coat. Wear it as an everyday scarf, silk keeps your wonderfully warm.

Think of all the things you can make with your dyed new Hermès Carée, maybe a shopping tote which can be folded into  a small bun, fitting perfectly into your handbag. Or a decorative cushion or plate for your canapé.

So look around your wardrobe and your home before heading to the HermèsMatic.